Renior in Retrospect

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I left Philadelphia in 1985. I was bright-eyed, ambitious and hungry for life’s experiences. I left behind friends and a way of life that would never be mine again. Though the way life works is funny, and sometimes these things circle back. The very sweet silver lining of loosing a beloved friend to a terrible disease this summer was reconnecting with a childhood friend in a new way. This weekend, Julie came to DC to bring her daughter to look at colleges. coque iphone xs max Funny circle that was created – my leaving point was our reconnection point. The power of that was not lost on me as I made plans for a day doing some of what I have always loved, followed by an evening reconnecting.

Bob and I made plans to visit my all-time favorite art-space in DC – The Phillips Collection. coque iphone x There, we would enjoy the Van Gogh exhibit – interestingly enough called Repetitions (an exploration of Van Gogh’s repeated study of the same subject matter). It is a worthwhile show and a very engaging way to connect with some some of my favorite Van Gogh subjects (the towns of St. Remy and Arles as well as the families that filled his world).


Luncheon of the Boating Party (Renior)

As we wandered thought galleries on 21st Street, I made my way to another old and very dear friend. I have been visiting Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party at the Phillips Collection since I arrived in DC in 1985. I have powerful memories of standing in front of this majestic, lush painting with my mother, my friends, various dates and certainly alone. I would dive deep into the narrative of the painting – paying close attention to the characters. coque iphone I saw myself in the painting – that was clear. I was (or longed to be) the flirty, alluring woman in the top right. She had a twinkle in her eye was surrounded by two rapt men. She did not lack for company or attention. coque iphone 2019 soldes She did not lack for anything it seemed. Though yesterday when I stood in front of that painting, I allowed myself to look not though my old lens but with fresh eyes. And as I did, tears began to flow from my eyes as I realized with complete clarity that I was not that girl. I may have been, and that may have once worked for me – but that “moment” seemed far away. I looked harder, wondering if I was even still at the party. And I was….my eyes connected with the woman sitting confidently alone, sipping her wine and taking in the scene with a quiet strength. coque iphone pas cher This is the actress, Ellen Andree. I did not realize that I was crying until the lovely, young docent walked over and asked if I was ok. coque iphone xs max I explained what I had been considering and she said clearly, kindly and with total conviction – “that is who you want to be – that other woman had a messy, complicated life — the actress was the best of the guests”. I will take it…

This weekend was about revisiting.

Bueller Parenting

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I just got to see the amazing Matthew Broderick Ferris Bueller Superbowl ad. coque iphone solde I loved it so I ran out and purchased a Honda CRV (OK, I already had one). coque iphone xr It was a treat and I am still smiling, ear to ear!

I grew up in the age of John Hughes. The 80s had a lot to teach us (my children find my knowledge of neon fashion, ripped tees and well John Hughes to be more than impressive/ annoying). coque iphone xs max But what they don’t get is how much I learned from Ferris Bueller. That day, that one wondrous day has it all…and there is nothing that comes close to that pitch-perfect movie. I have been trying to get my kids “in” but the movie moves too slowly for them, my kids can’t really appreciate it – somehow the wildest adventure of all time feels dull to them. soldes coque iphone I am miffed.

Still, Ferris has played a big part in their growing up. coque iphone 6 My parenting style (call it what you will) has always been balanced by an eye towards that day off. The fact that we all need it. And sometimes, quite badly. And so in the world where I am Mommy (cut to the 2012 Julia shot – still me , but wait – where are those cool highlights?!?!) each one of my kids is allowed one “mental health day” per year. On that day we go our own wild adventures – we visit museums, watch movies, try new restaurants, take a drive, take a shop, explore new neighborhoods – we just take a day off. It is completely a la Ferris and completely rich on so many levels. coque iphone 2019 I see them as they see the world – just one on one – with no agenda but discovery and fun. It is bonding and bumming all at once. coque iphone 6 An really it is priceless.

First Comes Love, then comes – FOOD!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

I had to share this foodie-fantastic casting call…


Are you engaged to be married anytime between May-August, one or both of you work in the food industry (not crucial), coque iphone xs max have food differences, coque iphone pas cher both of you have big personalities and aren’t afraid to share your opinions, coque iphone 6 food is front and center the most important aspect of your wedding? If so and you’d love to be a part of a Food Network pilot where you’ll be able to test out different foods at different venues giving us your expert foodie opinions then please email a 2-3 minute casting video showcasing your fun & vibrant personalities while telling us briefly about yourselves, coque iphone 7 how you are foodies, coque iphone 8 what foods you both prefer at your wedding (differences), coque iphone x what you do in food industry, coque iphone how important food planning is to your wedding todanielle.gretz@leopardfilms.com ASAP. We are looking to have this pilot cast within a week! In your email in addition to the video also include your names, wedding date/location and a recent photo.


Friday, July 29th, 2011

As my kinder, coque iphone x friends, office-mates and beloved Bob will tell you I don’t eat potato chips (ok, coque iphone 7 I do eat Popchips – they are quite good). coque iphone pas cher I don’t even keep chips in the house. coque iphone soldes My children will tell you this just adds to my status as “Meanest Mom Ever”. vente de coque iphone Yet, coque iphone 8 there is something magical, soldes coque iphone even transformative that happens to this Philly ex-pat when I drive by Taylor Gourmet in Bethesda,

Goodbye to the Big Man

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Oh this is completely off topic – except that there is no possible way to understand me and thus all that is now Forty Weeks without first imagining me in my yellow bedroom on Frobel Road in Laverock, Pennsylvania completely lost in my Bruce albums. I got a brand new stereo for my Bat Mitzvah (thank you Uncle Herb) and I can still see myself there, in that end bedroom (when not spending countless hours on my “private” line 232-5332) listening to Bruce albums. The River had just been released and it seemed so had some powerful passion inside of me. I still cry when I hear certain versions of The River. It was bigger than any emotion I had experienced and the notion of being de-flowered of my emotional innocence still rattles me a bit. Loss? Hopelessness? Despair? Disappointment? The street? All this was new to the newly minted teenager in Philadelphia.

I went journeying backwards through the Bruce catalog and spent my days making sense of the world through his poetic lens. coque iphone en ligne There is none of that without Clarence Clemons. coque iphone There was something about the way he blew that sax that drew me in and never released me . coque iphone It was not just the melancholy it was also the party that he brought to the table. And the best part – back then, was the live shows and the amazing camaraderie between Bruce and Clarence. That is how I wanted my work to feel (and it does, btw) – connected to and surrounded by people who love what they do as much as I and frankly who feel it…big, juicy and real. This was a relationship that moved and motivated me to find and surround myself with my own – loving, like-minded, and spirited, The friendship, care and respect is so evident in these images:imagesCAERGP18bruce clarencebigman

And so last night, in the wee hours (I really could not sleep) I wrote my goodbye to the Big Man. coque iphone x And so with love and sadness, goodbye Clarence, goodbye and thank you.

It is a sad, somber day on E Street. coqueiphone Saying goodbye to one of the most talented, charismatic and soulful spirits – what a gift you were! Clarence has been the omnipresent musical force that has elevated, emoted and engaged both on stage and off. coque iphone pas cher There is no soundtrack of my life without his sax, and for that I am grateful.

Bastille Day…the best of my French Food Adventures

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

one all of my all time favorites - L'Oustalet in Gigondas,  <a href=coque iphone xs max France” width=”300″ height=”225″ />
Weekend Market - Uzes,  <a href=coque iphone en ligne France” width=”300″ height=”225″ />
Weekend Market – Uzes,

My Girl Rocks

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

she's got the beat too...

she's got the beat too...

Seriously, coque iphone she does… soldes coque iphone take a look at Ms.

She’s Gone (cue Hall and Oates please)

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I spend so much of my time deep in the world of Forty Weeks – all things pregnancy, female focused and important about the road to baby. Maternity fashion, breast feeding, birthing options, nursery décor, stroller choices, diaper bags and juvenile safety are the fodder of my days. Yet, my last pregnancy ended eight years ago this week. My children (blended as we are) are 19, 14, 11 and 8 (July 1). And here in my OT world things are quite different.

My two daughters have left for the highlight of their year – seven glorious weeks at camp Maine. Days spent on Echo and Sebago lakes (they are at separate camps) – filled with endless opportunities for independence, friendship and fun. We have been sending our girls to Maine for three generations in my family – it is what we do. I am so grateful that my girls get the opportunity to go off and grow like a sturdy Maine pine trees…and still I am sad.

My Facebook page is filled with the raw emptiness of my peers. coque iphone All of us having sent our children off to camp for (up to) seven weeks – we are suddenly faced with a void they likes of which we never really are prepared to face (despite the fact that many of us do it year after year). Our homes are terribly quiet. There is no constant din of bickering or “mom-ing” – it is just still.

The first few days are just long – stretching out into an endless stream of hours. coque iphone pas cher These are stunningly silent hours without anyone to answer to. Hours watching your beloved waiting for the “buzz” of being along to kick in (summer romance is on the way) – but stuck for the moment on the loneliness of the empty house. I would argue that the first day of camp is truly the longest day of the year…

I walked through my girls’ rooms. They are messy. No they are vile and likely public health hazards. coque iphone xs I could be angry – instead, I am sad. I went into their bathroom –it should be power washed and sanitized – still, I stood there long enough to take in the last lingering scent of their styling products and shaving creams. I need to clean it. coque iphone 2019 I can’t today.

The kitchen is quiet. The mud room stays clean all day long. coque iphone xr There is no fight to referee. There is no one to assure me that they will absolutely empty their laundry basket before they leave the house. The girls are gone…off to have themselves some fun – free of the “real world” – nothing to worry about at all – just what the weather will be and how they will get in some extra time water skiing (Lila) or how they will land the lead in the play (Rebecca).

Making Peace with my Own Personal Mad Men

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

I am the direct descendant of a Mad Man; Mad Men, actually. coque iphone 8 I spent my childhood surrounded by all the trappings of that most remarkable heyday – or really the remains of the day. The family continues to thrive in the post-mad men, super-digital, Wild West era. My grandfather’s raging creativity and risk taking in the late 1940s and 1950s set the stage for generations of us making a living in the luckiest and sometimes riskiest of ways – surrounded by remarkable people who, like us fed on good ideas and were always on the hunt and at the ready for the next thing. We were blessed with an amazing history, back-story and powerful genes. And the lot of us have all found our way into the most remarkable places. Mine is here at the helm of Forty Weeks. I’d like to think that my unearthing and nurturing of a new niche would be just the thing that would float my Grandfather’s boat – and I am sure he would be proud.

Watching Mad Men, for me has been strangely bittersweet. coque iphone xr On one hand, it feels familiar and inviting. I am captivated as the faded family photographs come to life. And why not? I have paid close attention to and savored this new glimpse into the era (I feel like my little kid self – looking down the stairs from the second floor landing) – the design, the music and the mood of the day are all a treat for the senses. The clothes, the cars the parties are all so familiar. Even the office furniture rings real. There are the offices, the homes and the clubs (and if you are wondering about those clubs and other institutions of the day, we were terribly assimilated and that is how that worked). coque iphone 7 It is a time I had glamorized in my mind. soldes coque iphone There is little doubt that I have let the cream rise to the top and had all but ignored what I must have already known. The rise of advertising, and the culture that it propagated was a white boys club. coque iphone pas cher This was the cultural norm, this was everywhere and this was the social standard. And is our collective history – not just mine but ours. And while I knew (yes I had information about where women and minorities did and did not fit in) I know it never really connected it to my personal history. And certainly, I never really allowed it to permeate my view of the day.

Along comes Mad Men. And with the new, rekindled romance of the times comes a new found take on the reality of so much of what was wrong about it. Mad Men has forced me to reconsider the role of women in my family and in our business. coque iphone 6 And to, finally process the whole of it – not just the sweet and shiny parts. And so, I will do just that. Somehow, come to terms with the glory and the shame of this era, my personal history and then tuck them away somewhere safe.

Finding Holden…

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I went to my second back-to-school night this week. And good news for those of your rooting me on from home, I only have one more to go (two if you count parent’s weekend at Penn State where I return to the Beta Sig house no longer ISO of a party and some cute Jewish boys but now as a Mother of a Freshman boy – insert prayers here)…whew!

Last night at Back-to-school night, I made my way through Rebecca’s 9th grade schedule – the usual suspects where all there – French, World Studies, Geometry and more. It was the usual too, in terms of the rhetoric: we can’t operate without your money or your time and oh yes, we are a community and we are superior and did we mention we have set the annual fund goal higher than your life insurance policy, etc. I was holding it together just fine though – small talk, smile, knowing nod, repeat. Then came D block English and with it the announcement that Rebecca would soon be reading A Catcher in the Rye. And then, only then did I get excited. coque iphone xr And from that moment of giddiness, came the decision that I would read it along with her – despite the fact that the 20+ years since I last read it have moved me well out of coming of age status – I would take the journey back and see what the years have netted.

I started thinking about Holden. coque iphone When we first met I was young, impressionable and full of frizzy hair (see horribly embarrassing photo which I will insert when I get up my nerve). The world was full of possibility. I spent my days madly in love with a long-haired brilliant musician boy (Tim Kostar, are you out there?). coque iphone 2019 He and I were above notes – instead we would pass a notebook of “important” lyrics between us. Typical entries including the Pink Floyd Classic: “we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl, year after year…” you know the drill. coque iphone 8 We were deep….or something.

The years passed. The next Holden I came across was Holden on As the Word Turns – we only met because my friend Brooke had a role on the soap as Carrie. Being the ever proud and good friend, I would go well out of my way to catch her on the tube. coque iphone 2019 soldes Time passed and there was not a Holden to be found. Not until 2002 when I declared that my unborn son should be named Holden, I was sold on this as both a strong an independent name not to mention the mark of a literate and engaged child. coque iphone 6 My Mother killed that one – Holden Bromberg was ironic she said – more like an example of “what not to name your kid” than a mark of greatness….ok then, no Holden (Hi Sam!!!).

And so here we are, it is 2010 and I am taking a big leap into the way-back machine with Rebecca. We will both read A Catcher in the Rye(and we will both use styling product to reduce frizz) and I am eager to see what we glean from it. coque iphone 8 Is there enough there to move a 14 year old in the reality show-laden, technology saturated, it’s all that easy world? Will she long to evolve, see the world, make her mark? Will I read it still crave something bigger than me, some elevated version of the reality I know, or I have taken to long and hard of a journey to “go there” ? Time will tell. The good news is that Rebecca and I are turning this page together; we are reading what I still consider to be one of the most important volumes of our time together.