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Giving J Crew Great Grades

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

This morning I woke up to something that made me smile. coque iphone 6 J Crew is launching their maternity denim collection. coqueiphone I am a fan of the brand and their continued growth and transformation (maybe less a fan of the amount of money my teen girls spend there!!!). acheter coque iphone And at the heart of that is the obvious effort and care that their team has put into not only reaching but also understanding their market. coque iphone 7 And, as my last fifteen years in this industry have proven, this is a tricky market. coque iphone pas cher Get it right — you get to be the hero, darling and BFF – get it wrong it’s over and fast.

Process over Product – or Why I Love a Good Interview

Friday, July 19th, 2013

You know that buzz? The one you feel when you have asked and answered at the top of your game? The one when you realize or remember that these past fifteen years have netted you a whole lot of wisdom, coque iphone 2019 insight and clarity about an industry that you have lovingly help propel forward? The one where you happily and strongly suggest the reporter also source some of your most beloved colleagues including: Chris Pegula, coque iphone Liz Lange and Ingrid Carney as innovators and game-changers who must be acknowledged? The one where you easily walk a “newbie” through more than twenty years of industry back story in a narrative so compelling that it leaves you both eager to keep the interview going? Well that was my gift of last week.

A good interview just feels good – plain and simple. coque iphone en ligne And a good interview with an intelligent, insightful reporter is really the cherry on top. coque iphone 7 As I like to say (no, coque iphone 7 I was not the first) – nice work if you can get it! I am always grateful for when this caliber of reporter shows up at my door.

Thank you Bethany Clough for including me in your piece this weekend. coque iphone x I was more than flattered to be a source in your most recent Retail Therapy column for the Fresno Bee. But better than than the piece (which was well done) was the time spent in interview with you. What a treat! I think I’ll never get tired of of a good,


Monday, July 8th, 2013

What must you know about pregnancy in DC? This week, I took the adorable Meghan Mills out to discover what should be on every pregnant woman’s short list here in the Nation’s Capital. I donned my Fairy Godmother tiara and grabbed my wand – and off we went! Here are my top three picks:


At 20 weeks, Meghan is ready to upgrade to a maternity and nursing wardrobe.

Hidden in a medical building at 21st & K — The Breastfeeding Center is both the most hidden gem and also the most essential resource in all of DC. coque iphone pas cher Part community, part classroom, part retailer and part lifesaver — this is the one spot for care and comfort from the moment your pre-pregnany bras start to feel snug. I introduced Meghan to manger Gina who skillfully fit her for bras and helped her to hand-pick classes (Back to Work and Breastfeeding – a must for the first time expectant mom) easing her discomfort on multiple levels. soldes coque iphone While there we met an array of dads (picking up or returning rental pumps), Moms with adorable babies on their hip (a quick stop for Medela supplies), due-any-day women (seeking out in-home lactation support for post-delivery) and more. coque iphone 6 It was is an amazing micro-universe and the top of my DC BUMP ESSENTIALS LIST


Birth day buddies! Both Meghan and Rachel are due in late February – can you guess who is having what?

A cozy and sun-lit space that is full of great, nurturing energy, Fuse is a nesters haven! Owner Roxanna has given birth to a warm and welcoming world for expectant mothers This spot has the cool urban vibe of a resotred townhouse with the pure, exacting goodness of reofrmer based pilates. coque iphone 6 The one class to be for any DC Mom to be is Fuse’s Push Prep. This is a course designed for all levels of moms-to-be. What I adore is how doula and instructor, Randi prepares her students for a combination of strengh and relaxation that the body requires to deliver a baby while at the same time – keeping a real connection and encouraging new friendships along the way.


When Megan shared her pregnancy cravings with me, the choice to super-sate her cinamon and brown sugar Pop-tarts urges was immediately clear. coque iphone 8 We made a b-line for Ted’s Bulitten on 14th street. We were greeted by Ashlie who introduced us to owner Mike (a new dad himself) who had some fun with us – tempting Meghan with a new universe of flavors to choose from (classic strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, salted caramel and the over-the top peanutbutter and bacon). We did not stop there — we were offred the chance to design our own milkshake (I went with strawberry S’more) and sip our way into an indulgent afternoon.

Why We are Better for the Celebrity Bump

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Having just spent some time deep in The Baby Bump (which, if asked, I would have titled, Bumping up Careers, One baby at a Time) in today’s New York Times, I want to first commend Jacob Bernstein for a well-researched, engaging piece and then slap him for missing the other side of the story. soldes coque iphone All he shares is true – he does a careful job of tracing the history of the thriving Bump Business. Mr. Bernstein tackles the profit center, career booster questions with savvy. What he misses is the positive side of the equation. coque iphone x He fails to examine how celebrity pregnancies, played out in public view actually give back and otherwise contribute to the experiences of more than 4-million pregnant women in this country. And so while, yes – there is a way to interpret celebrity pregnancy though the lens of commercialism, I suggest we take a bit of a deeper dive.

In defense and even appreciation to these celebrity gestaters – a quick inventory of what they are giving back along the road to baby:

  1. Normalized Pregnancy – Out of back rooms and suddenly on full view, while sometimes extreme, these very public pregnancies open the windows and doors WIDE and allow us to see a broader view of pregnancy (for better or for worse). coque iphone And with that there is a change in the candor, content and scope of dialog – not just on-set but around water coolers as well.
  1. New Vocabulary, Confidence and the rise of the “Experiential Pregnancy” – The Hollywood bump-set give pregnant women a sense of confidence, style, and a new view to a range of real, radiating beauty. coque iphone Since early aughts the style community has risen to the occasion as well – suddenly maternity fashion (thank you Liz Lange) and nursery décor (check out project nursery, for example) were elevated to meet the desires and aspirations of main street parents (In reaction to the new view of Melrose and Madison avenue parents). soldes coque iphone 2019 Our new vocabulary included (and does to this day) glow, maternity chic, fourth trimester, etc. – making the challenges and triumphs of one’s changing body and lifestyle a shared, open experience.
  1. Expectant Parents – before the celebrity baby boom hit, we did not include Dad in much of the baby talk. This wave of celebrity family has certainly played a part in bringing Dad into focus and view – what used to be “her” pregnancy became “our” pregnancy. And with the birth of a Dad came a new version of Dad, in a wide range of populations. This year saw the first male breastfeeding blogger, for example. And many a Diaper Dude is carried with paternal hipster pride.


  1. Celebrities have loaned their voices, status and energy to critical work focused on raising much needed funds and awareness for issues effecting all populations of families. I have been honored to work on a wide range of projects with expectant and new celebrity parents and remain grateful for all they have given back. They have raised their voices and pointed attention to causes that need it most. When Christie Turlington throws herself into Every Mother Counts or Jewel donates nursing bras in her name to Baby Buggy’s efforts in her adopted home state of Texas this ignites change. When Gwyneth Paltrow or Melissa Rycroft openly share their battle with postpartum depression (PPD) or Jennifer Garner discusses breast-feeding and back-to-work challenges it increases awareness and care around issues that were once quiet and cloaked.

A New Year, A New View – SAMPLE SALE

Monday, July 9th, 2012

It is that magical time of year again! A New View’s Annual Sample Sale starts today and runs through January 26. coque iphone Give Armanda a call (it is by appointment only), coque iphone 8 tell her I sent you and have a blast dressing your bump. Check out some of my favorite lines including Maternal America, coque iphone Noppies (oh so comfortable), Ripe and more. coque iphone 7 Grab some the essentials – denim, coque iphone xr layering pieces and of course some super comfortable lounge wear.

Oxford English Dictionary has been reading my tweets!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for language. coque iphone 8 Well these latest entries into the Oxford English Dictionary certainly sound familiar. coque iphone 2019 Take a look at some of the 2011 additions :

Baby Bump

Jenni Hogan is the definition of adorable baby bump (IMO)

Jenni Hogan is the definition of adorable baby bump (IMO)

Bestie (here’s mine, coque iphone the always fabulous Lisa Jordan Helms)


Musings from your Fairy Godmother…

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Today on Twitter I was overwhelmed and completely moved by being referred to as a Fairy Godmother. It was not the first time (thank you David Gaunt for the Dolly Levi comparison), but I must admit – in the big, reality show world of experts, gurus, and other super savants – all titles that clearly do not suit me, this one feels right. I know my wise friend Samantha Ettus would agree – this is my personal brand.

Nadia and Julia - Babymoon in NYC!

Nadia and Julia - Babymoon in NYC!

I have been in this space for quite a long time. coque iphone en ligne And I have seen a great deal (understatement). Feel free to pursue the Back Labor Blog for a sense of just some of the madness I have witnessed. coque iphone x I have seen brands, trends and individuals rise from obscurity, take hold or more often than not – fade away. I have coined, encouraged, mentored, mediated and managed. coque iphone I have advised, advocated and sometimes (ok, maybe more than sometimes) agitated. But in the final analysis what it comes down to is this – PEOPLE.

I have fought hard for one thing the care and feeding of expectant and new parents – ALL new parents. Be it my early, impassioned aspiration of helping brands to speak intelligently and with care to this very eager but also suddenly vulnerable market of new and expectant parents, or my desire to create real-time access to honest information from which parents can make informed decisions – or my sincere belief that brands, influencers and consumers alike have a real obligation to give back in a way that allows all parents access to this level of care and yes, honest, clear information. I have raised the bar and insisted that this industry can operate from a place of integrity and respect. And I am relentless in my pursuit and maintenance of this standard (mandate). It is no secret I am as tough as I am generous and I like it that way.

It is about respect. coque iphone 7 And with that comes care – and yes Jessica, Nadia and all of you beautiful creatures, that includes a blow-out and decadent nibbles when you are feeling at the end of your pregnancy rope. coque iphone Because, to me, that is part of it too. soldes coque iphone There is fun to be had, life to celebrate and certainly there are quality relationships to forge. coque iphone pas cher So, Bippity, Bobitty, Boop– I am happy – no, I am ecstatic, to be the Fairy godmother – it is nothing short of an honor and am I both humbled and proud.

And so while people keep popping up (oh should I have said Pope-ing) up in the expectant and new parent space – I am happy to let them have their Fifteen Minutes, two-seasons, blog-of-the-moment, what-ever floats their boat.


Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

A blazing summer is predicted, and honestly, a summer pregnancy is not for the faint of heart (I’ve done two). The best strategy for making it though is great planning. Put these on your summer bump survival list:

  • Water – for drinking – cold, bubbles, still, lemon, lime – just keep drinking!
  • Water – for swimming, for floating, for cooling your toes – speaking of which,
  • Pedicures – whether you can see your toes or not, keep them pampered & pretty!
  • Smoothies – I am a big fan of Raspberry Banana, coque iphone 2019 pas cher yum!
  • And last, but not least – cool summer looks.

Here’s the skinny on how to keep your budget in tact while keeping it easy breezy this summer (send us a shot of your haul!) –



Belly Dance Maternity Sample Sale

New York Store

Two Days Only

Wed, June 22 11 am-7 pm & Thurs June 23 9 am- 3pm


Everything $10-$50

Warm and cold weather styles and even designer denim on sale

Original prices $50-$350

Brands include Paige Maternity, Michael Stars Maternity, NOM, t-bags Maternity, Ella Moss, Rachel Pally, Olian Maternity, coque iphone 8 Japanese Weekend, soldes coque iphone and more

548 Hudson Street between Charles and Perry in West Village


checking out the goods at A New View

checking out the goods at A New View

A New View Maternity

347 W. coque iphone 36th Street, Suite 1602, between 8th and 9th Ave

NYC, coque iphone 6 NYC 10018



June 6th-30th, 2011

July 11th– 22nd 2011


9:30am -3:30pm Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Monday and Friday by appointment only


Maternal America, Pour Deux, Japanese Weekend, outlet coque iphone Bellyssima, Olian, Noppies, coque iphone xr Ripe and more! Shower dresses, breezy tops, slim leg bottoms,

The Ten Commandments of Pregnancy Style (3)

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

They say that I always have bumps and baby on the brain! Sure, I am known for my uncanny sense ability to spot trends and make sense of what is happening in the world of pregnancy and parenthood, from Melrose and Madison Avenues to Main Street. coque iphone But you are thinking, hey, what about me??? Good question! I will answer by sharing my inside line of the best secrets for belly and beyond. coque iphone 8 As always, let me know what you think!

Welcome to the Ten Commandments of Pregnancy Style! This is the third of a ten part series in which I will share my tricks of the trade for building a better maternity wardrobe.

So far we’ve covered:

1. Choose Cafefully

2. acheter coque iphone en ligne Infuse Trend Wisely

And now:

3. coque iphone x Flatter yourself! Simply, hone in on your best features and show them off! I am a big fan of full pregnancy breasts, shapely shoulders and toned arms taking center stage. coque iphone pas cher One line that has the curves of a pregnant goddess down to a near perfect science is Isabella Oliver. coque iphone 7 It was my great privilege to launch them in the States and introduce them to the likes of Marcia Cross, Brice Howard, Lauren Ambrose, Shon Gables and of course to all of you! I ‘ve not worked with them in some time, but I continue to admire their design sensibility. The line is both chic and well constructed. coque iphone 2019 soldes These pieces are part of your overall wardrobe investment. So choose the most flattering and also the ones that will go the distance for you thought out your Forty Week style journey.

Chill out and Save a Bit!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

There is nothing fun about being pregnant during a heat wave. coque iphone en ligne I remember well the summer of 1998 – when Lila showed up at the very end of August after endless days of crazy, coque iphone Washington, coque iphone x DC heat and humidity. soldes coque iphone One thing that might have helped would have been some equally hot fashion and some sizzling prices (both of which were few and far between back in the day).

I did a quick look around and found some outstanding savings on very easy, coque iphone xr breezy summer essentials to get you through the hot season. acheter coque iphone And what’s more – all of these great picks are on sale. coque iphone xs max And the best part – of this shopping can be done from the cool comfort of your couch! Some of the sales end today – so be sure to hop on line and get your goodies.