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Giving J Crew Great Grades

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

This morning I woke up to something that made me smile. coque iphone 6 J Crew is launching their maternity denim collection. coqueiphone I am a fan of the brand and their continued growth and transformation (maybe less a fan of the amount of money my teen girls spend there!!!). acheter coque iphone And at the heart of that is the obvious effort and care that their team has put into not only reaching but also understanding their market. coque iphone 7 And, as my last fifteen years in this industry have proven, this is a tricky market. coque iphone pas cher Get it right — you get to be the hero, darling and BFF – get it wrong it’s over and fast.

Dressed for the Royal Baby – London’s Retailers are Ready

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Thank you Debbie for sharing some shots of London-town. soldes coque iphone Here, coque iphone 6 shop-windows fill with the only news of the day,


Monday, July 8th, 2013

What must you know about pregnancy in DC? This week, I took the adorable Meghan Mills out to discover what should be on every pregnant woman’s short list here in the Nation’s Capital. I donned my Fairy Godmother tiara and grabbed my wand – and off we went! Here are my top three picks:


At 20 weeks, Meghan is ready to upgrade to a maternity and nursing wardrobe.

Hidden in a medical building at 21st & K — The Breastfeeding Center is both the most hidden gem and also the most essential resource in all of DC. coque iphone pas cher Part community, part classroom, part retailer and part lifesaver — this is the one spot for care and comfort from the moment your pre-pregnany bras start to feel snug. I introduced Meghan to manger Gina who skillfully fit her for bras and helped her to hand-pick classes (Back to Work and Breastfeeding – a must for the first time expectant mom) easing her discomfort on multiple levels. soldes coque iphone While there we met an array of dads (picking up or returning rental pumps), Moms with adorable babies on their hip (a quick stop for Medela supplies), due-any-day women (seeking out in-home lactation support for post-delivery) and more. coque iphone 6 It was is an amazing micro-universe and the top of my DC BUMP ESSENTIALS LIST


Birth day buddies! Both Meghan and Rachel are due in late February – can you guess who is having what?

A cozy and sun-lit space that is full of great, nurturing energy, Fuse is a nesters haven! Owner Roxanna has given birth to a warm and welcoming world for expectant mothers This spot has the cool urban vibe of a resotred townhouse with the pure, exacting goodness of reofrmer based pilates. coque iphone 6 The one class to be for any DC Mom to be is Fuse’s Push Prep. This is a course designed for all levels of moms-to-be. What I adore is how doula and instructor, Randi prepares her students for a combination of strengh and relaxation that the body requires to deliver a baby while at the same time – keeping a real connection and encouraging new friendships along the way.


When Megan shared her pregnancy cravings with me, the choice to super-sate her cinamon and brown sugar Pop-tarts urges was immediately clear. coque iphone 8 We made a b-line for Ted’s Bulitten on 14th street. We were greeted by Ashlie who introduced us to owner Mike (a new dad himself) who had some fun with us – tempting Meghan with a new universe of flavors to choose from (classic strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, salted caramel and the over-the top peanutbutter and bacon). We did not stop there — we were offred the chance to design our own milkshake (I went with strawberry S’more) and sip our way into an indulgent afternoon.

Today in the Land of Forty Weeks!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Ilissa really knows how to celebrate Jules Galpin style — that would be a chocolate passport  (to go with the USA shot glass and  American Flag cookie) to mark the moment! Congratulations to Jules on your citizenship and just in time for Independence Day too!

A chocolate passport- sweet!


Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

All Kinds of Amazing – and Coming Soon!

Trick or Treat

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Lila strikes a pose in her halloween costume as Rosie the Riveter – adorable!

If you know much about Forty Weeks you must know we do things a little differently. And we like it that way! Our team is made up of the most driven, intelligent and clever moms in the market. coque iphone pas cher We are hell-bent on finding women who have left an idelible mark in the industry, had a baby or two and are in search of the next thing. coque iphone pas cher We like to be that next stop in a long career – it suits us and it suits them. We gain, we give and we all grow. Some stay for long periods of time (as in Gina who down-sized out of big agency life to run the media department at Forty Weeks for more than seven years) and others stay for a project or two (Alice, Teena, Nicole to name a few). We are better for all of these women and their contribution to our work. We hire moms by design. We are well known and proud of our open-door policy to all of our friends across pregnancy and baby-land — we are that most essential pivot, plan B and what comes next for outstanding talent. coque iphone 8 And good!

One outcome of is that we are surrounded by grateful, inspired team members who feel great about their balancing act (on balance!). Another outcome would be weeks like this…Natural disaster (loose two days), Halloween (loose one day for parades) family strep throat (ok that was last week – but loose two days). coque iphone soldes Days where sitting around the conference table ideating or prepping for a strategy session feels like some warped version of fantasy. Days in which memos read like urgent streams of consciousness (as they were written from a doctors waiting room or during a quick bathroom break at the halloween parade). coque iphone pas cher Those days (or weeks) are the trick. Simply put they are tricky but they leave the entire team feeling like we have found that illusive balance (even in the most micro sense) of personal and professional.

Sh*tty Mom Makes Our Day!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Well sure we are busy – September is just days away… coque iphone 2019 and with that will come a wild roller coaster ride of things we hold dear. coque iphone What’s the best part? All of this amazing action is connected to philanthropy and all the result of a lot of hard work, love and commitment. soldes coque iphone Look forward to hearing more about our launch on September 24 of the Rebecca Minkoff for Bravado Designs Limited Edition Nursing Tank Collection to benefit Baby Buggy as well as the first Fashion Forward Conference featuring a panel led my me on that most magical of topics — Brands, Bloggers and the Bigger Picture. coque iphone pas cher Whew!

Which is why today, today we play — well not really.

The Sweet Side of Fashion Week – Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Here is a little look inside of the Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. coque iphone xr The line is lovely, soldes coque iphone cleanly chic and in all ways as good as it gets. The whole of the room was filled with smiles (no moody fashionistas, not a one) as the most precious models brought their youthful exuberance and innocent beauty (plus some well placed junior swagger) to the runway. coque iphone soldes Their fresh-faced, fun-filled energy made for the perfect complement to fashions that were not only terribly elegant but also refreshingly age appropriate. Well done!

I am more than thrilled and cheering (from the sidelines) for this stunning line (wishing I could gift some of those ikat party dresses and pique trapeze dresses to the young beauties in my life Nadia’s girls, soldes coque iphone Jessica’s sweet Zoe and of course Lauren’s dynamic duo)- and also for new find, George&Ruby – kindred souls must stick together!

Enjoy the view from the sweet side of Fashion Week – I know I did!

Some of the cast of kids in their stunning frocks and big smiles – with the one and only Oscar de la Renta

Petal linen blazer, coque iphone 8 petal wide stripe cotton long sleeve shirt,

The Suite Part

Friday, July 6th, 2012

I’ve just returned from a pitch-perfect visit to France. coqueiphone My days were the stuff that dreams are made of – just wonderful. coque iphone xs max I was there with Bob with no real agenda less the pursuit of exploring the world and being together. coque iphone outlet We spent our time together (and with friends) well – enjoying the pace and panache of Paris, the earthy sun-kissed bounty of Burgundy and the easy pace and sheer luxury of Provence. vente de coque iphone I came back full and sated on so many levels…

I have never been in the Country for BlogHer — it has just never worked out. This year, the planets aligned. coque iphone soldes Not only did I make it back in time for a quick “drive by” I made it back in time to celebrate and support my friends and their amazing endeavors. I was so over-the-moon to see Audrey and Vera’s Getting Gorgeous come to life (having been there on paper since the start, it was a real thrill) and see the careful perfection of Nicole’s Land’s End BACK TO SCHOOL event – watching the grace with which she hosted no-less than four events — a major coup and shining moment (did I mention all three women looked stunning as can be?).

I had just enough time to do a little entertaining Julia style. This included a small dinner at Casa Nona followed by the newly named (by us!), Cheese Suite at the W Hotel, Union Square. coque iphone There we simply hung – sipped champagne, nibbled on macaroons, cupcakes and a glorious selection of cheeses (thank you Bedford Cheese Shop – you are my hero) and basked in the glow of friendship, mentorship, laughter and good fortune.

What’s Your Number?

Friday, July 6th, 2012

A little lesson to end the week:

Numbers – ah numbers – what can’t you do with some good numbers? Massage them, manipulate them, misrepresent with them. There is so much amazing art associated with good old un-intrepetred numbers, raw data if you will. coque iphone soldes Perhaps that is why Kai Ryssdal remains on the top of my hit parade (my smart is hot and let’s keep it that way) list – he knows his way around numbers. coque iphone pas cher Still, I would be remiss if I did not give a mighty bow to the New York Times – now here is an outlet that knows how to have fun with numbers. vente de coque iphone One of this week’s highlights had to do with birth rates in the US. soldes coque iphone The New York Times took these numbers and boiled it all down to this:

Pregnancy rates have decreased over the past two decades among all races, ethnicities and age groups — except for women in their 30s and early 40s.

And then they go on to slice, dice and otherwise make gazpacho of the numbers. coque iphone 6 I say good (and not just because I adore gazpacho). WHY?

Simply put – pregnant women of all races and ethnicities in their 30s and early 40s are our sweet spot, our goddess our muse here at Forty Weeks. coque iphone en ligne We adore pregnant women of all races and ethnicities in their 30s and early 40s. coque iphone 2019 That amazing maternal mark is unique too in that she is pregnant with intention, education, income and excitement. She wants in on the pregnancy experience and she is an eager participant (as are her family, friends and partner) in Forty Week journey.

She is our girl (woman really) and we have got the inside line on her. Our work is simply to keep our finger on the pulse of this remarkable woman and make her both understandable and accessible to our clients (trickier than it sounds). We help our clients speak to her with dignity and respect (read as no fear-mongering, no duckies, no bunnies, no pastels). And this we do with great precision, passion and and care.