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Friday, July 26th, 2013

  • I am thankful for those who have cared for me when I have needed it. coque iphone And for those who allowed me to care for them when the tables were turned.
  • I am thankful for new friends who bring fresh energy and light to the day. coque iphone 8 And for old friendships, coque iphone 2019 either tireless or renewed, coque iphone 7 which remind me of the scope of the spectacular journey I have been on.
  • I am thankful for an abundance of intelligent, coque iphone passionate and driven people in my life – you spark me, coque iphone 7 encourage me and challenge me in all the best ways.
  • I am thankful for those who turn me on to so many new ideas, coque iphone xr finds and inside lines – and always, I am grateful for the ability to return the favor.
  • I am thankful for health – the return of mine and for the optimism that those I love will regain theirs.
  • I am thankful for my family for cheering me on from here and the great “what’s next”.
  • I am thankful for my soul’s mate and for a house full of beautiful souls to go with him.
  • I am thankful for amazing genes that make so much of my dreaming morph into my reality.
  • I am thankful for love – the ability to give and receive it.
  • I am thankful for age – the intersection of experience and recognition is a remarkable one!
  • I am thankful for the little moments of perfection I keep finding along the way.
  • I am thankful that there is today and maybe even tomorrow to see what’s next…

Thanking all of you for being a part of my world – and so,

So Close – but then Cartoon Daddy Shows Up…AKA You Drew it you BLEW IT

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Ron Barrett – you drew it, you blew it…
So, Amy Sohn authors an honest, level, non-inflamitory piece in the New York Times today. coque iphone 7 The focus is on how women of the maternal variety find what they need to feel complete, energized and engaged when the norm is a bit more of the torn and road-worn variety. coque iphone pas cher In Modern Mothers’ Turn to Scratch an Itch, Amy Sohn explores different models of connecting with work, friendship and self during the summer months. coque iphone 8 In short — finding one’s way back to “feeling it” — oh yes, this is familiar. coque iphone But, it is not only the familiar and relatable plot of Jess Wade who is profiled with candor and care. coque iphone 8 I read the Styles cover piece and smile, recognizing for the first time in a very long time, a parenting-focused article that tells a relatable, non-comment baiting story.
That is until I see the illustration above. coque iphone It seems (and yes we know author and illustrator are not a team – in fact, there is little chance the illustration/comic was seen by the author prior to publishing) Mr. vente de coque iphone Barnet was brought in to bait after-all.