Philanthropic Moms

A Note from Julia Beck, Founder - Philanthropic Moms:

Welcome to Philanthropic Moms a community of passionate moms who see the problem, spread the word and make a difference!


For my entire career (likely my entire life) I have witnessed the power of Philanthropic Moms in the field. I have seen, firsthand, the uncanny ability of moms to build networks for good.

Women are so well-versed at connecting the many facets of their community and life together with the clear vision of improving our world. And these same women are not averse to working hard to make it so. Moms rally their friends, families, associates, neighbors, employers and others in their circle to make the world a better place. It is both natural and powerful. And it is always remarkable.


With each opportunity I have had to contribute, give back and raise awareness I have been consistently impressed and blown away by the power of women and in specific, moms to advance the conversation and the cause. Without the power of Philanthropic Moms most of these projects never would have seen the light of day.

Not only have I had the amazing fortune of helping to grow important organizations on local, national and even international levels. I have been fortunate enough to have clients who see the importance of giving back in meaningful ways. My experience has led me not only to amazing women and incredible causes but also to celebrities and corporations who want to jump in and help make a difference. I have spent years in the middle of this vibrant mix... mostly because I demand it of my clients and of myself (it is true, ask any of my clients - giving back is a requirement of being a Forty Weeks client). And also because this commitment is one of the truest ways to live each day with great intention and integrity.


It has never been more important to give back. Be it big or small - local or national - there is so very much to be done. Everywhere you look - help is needed. And Philanthropic Moms are there to lead the charge!

Now, the challenge is how to connect all of these worlds in ways that truly benefit all involved. Having spent these years perfecting the art of "giving it away" (directing philanthropic strategies for my for-profit clients and of course donating countless hours myself) as well as mastering the complicated yet rewarding relationships between corporation, celebrity, consumer and cause - I find myself smack in the middle of this wonderful call to action.

The result is Philanthropic Moms:


Connecting Celebrity, Corporation and Cause

Creating an open forum for communicating for good,
And the next step is ours to take together!

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