What to Expect

A Pregnancy Bra to Hide My Back Fat

Emma Bing, November 12, 2012


Everything about my body has changed during my pregnancy. Well, except my butt. As much as I was hoping that it was going to get plumper, it has sadly stayed the same…flat as a pancake.

Anyway, the one part of my body that really is fluctuating up a storm lately are my breasts. The size, the shape, and the texture (of my nipples at least) all are unrecognizable to me.

And now that I have to get acquainted with my “new” girls, I’m also learning that I need a real pregnancy bra, because I can’t wear my old bra anymore. Why? For starters, the underwire is annoying, and the cup fills over no matter what size I get. But the part thatreally bugs me is that my back fat seems to pour over the band (no matter how large of a size I get). It’s a great look — ha!

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