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Monday, May 3, 2010

R Baby Foundation Annual Run/Walk in Central Park

Last Mother’s Day I did something very important. I walked in the R Baby Foundation Annual Run/Walk in Central Park to help raise funds and awareness about improving emergency pediatric medical care in our nation’s hospitals. It was a very special day for me as a new mom and I happily shared the walk with my son

R Baby Foundation Mother's Day Walk

This year I’m not walking but many of my mom bloggers friends like Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends will be there supporting and raising needed funds. I spoke with Nicole about the goals of her team this year. Team Momtrends goals to are to:

  1. Have a great time celebrating motherhood with a superb team of running moms
  2. Getting in a great workout before we head to the obligatory Mom’s Day brunch
  3. Most important: raise funds and awareness for pediatric emergency care

Nicole also shared what else she’s doing to help raise funds:

This is my second year of involvement and I am so inspired by the dedication and passion of the RBaby team. I’m raising funds this year by hosting a series of ebay sales. Most of the items I’m selling I’ve received at blogging events (like a Palm Pre Plus phone and a Wii Fit). – Nicole

Registration for the walk/run is now closed, but you can still participate as a “Virtual Walker”, make a donation or search for someone who has already registered.

Your Contributions Can Go Directly to Saving Babies’ Lives

  • R Baby is efficient – To date, approximately 90% of total contribution proceeds have gone directly to programs designed to reduce the infant mortality in the U.S.
  • R Baby gets results – R Baby Foundation has raised millions to fund grant programs that will dramatically improve the quality of care infants are given in Emergency Situations, the Emergency Room, and on the way to the ER. No other charitable organization is focusing on Pediatric Emergency Care.
  • Many doctors not specifically trained in pediatrics are welcoming training grants since they know infant diagnosis and treatment is different than adult healthcare. These grants are directed toward a range of programs, including emergency pediatric training, guidelines and protocols, scientific research, equipment and treatments, rapid laboratory tests, and parent education.

Start your Mother’s Day by taking a step towards improving emergency medical care for babies everywhere. You can help save lives and have fun by enjoying: Family Activities, Live Entertainment, Sports Clinics, Arts and Crafts by apple seeds, Snacks, Giveaways, prizes and much more!

May 9, 2010 in Central Park, NY will be a fun-filled family day that raises funds and awareness for the critical work of the R Baby Foundation. Run, Walk (strollers are welcome).