Stroller in the City

Nursing with Bravado’s Essential Embrace

July 8, 2013



Breastfeeding my children has been extremely important to me; and even more so this time around with Gemma. I feel she is way more attached and into nursing than my other two were. She rarely takes a bottle, and only had formula a few times while in the hospital. Breastfeeding is like second nature to me now, and in my opinion easier because I would probably forget to bring a bottle with our daily chaos. But unfortunately, breastfeeding this time around has taken a toll on my body. I’ve been experiencing several clogged ducts, which are extremely painful and was just nearly on the verge of having mastitis. Mastitis is an infection cause by bacteria entering the nipple or by clogged ducts. I finally figured out the problem behind all of these issues was not having the correct nursing bra. I have a few nursing bras left over from when I had Siella which weren’t so supportive and then I was wearing my non-nursing bras that have under-wire. While the under-wire was supportive, the wire was actually causing my milk ducts to clog.


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