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Ready, set, register!

Friday, January 22, 2010

By Melissa Chapman
That first visit to register at the baby superstore can be overwhelming. With all those aisles full of strollers, blankets, toys, bathtubs, clothing, bibs, highchairs etc. etc. (etc.!), that dazed and confused feeling is perfectly understandable. Not to worry: We’ve whittled down the possibilities into a list of the most important baby basics. Remember, you can always add or delete items later, so don’t feel pressured to build the perfect baby registry all at once.


Nursing Bras: Any nursing mom will tell you that your pre-pregnancy bra just can’t cut it for nursing. Youi’ll need a bra that provides easy access for feeding and lots of support. But just because you’re nursing doesn’t mean you need to wear a plain and stodgy-looking bra.

One to try:
Bravado nursing bras come in leopard prints and lace as well as basic cotton. The cups unclip to allow easy access for feeding but also provide excellent support to ease the strain on your breasts and back.

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