What to do when your baby catches a cold


Beth Feldman

Is that sniffle just a couple of runny boogers or is it the start of the world’s worst ear infection? And what does snot have to do with earaches, anyway? Keeping tracking of every sniffle, cough and, let’s face it, fart can be a daunting task. See what parenting expert Beth Feldman, founder of Role Mommy has to say about spotting and treating your baby’s first cold.


O’Keefe adds, “The first cold can happen at different ages but the older the baby, the more days you can go before calling the pediatrician.  For newborns, during the first month of life, it’s better to call the first day of any sick symptoms just to touch base, especially if there is any temperature elevation. We relax this concern after a baby is in the 6 to 8 week range.”

The one thing I have learned is that if you are afraid something is wrong with your baby, a mother’s intuition is usually correct.  Call your pediatrician immediately, explain the symptoms to the doctor and take your newborn in for an evaluation.  While home remedies can sometimes offer relief for the common cold, you should always consult with your pediatrician if the symptoms become more severe.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the tremendous strides that have been made in helping newborns who develop viral infections following birth, then visit the RBaby Foundation which is dedicated to ensuring that babies, including those in the first month of life suffering from viral infections and other infectious diseases, receive the highest quality of care and service through supporting life-saving pediatric training, education, research, treatment and equipment.

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