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Launching At Target…Basics by Bravado

January 13, 2010 by Caryn

My baby girl and I are hanging out, checking email, blogging, watching the news, and nursing.  It’s been our groove lately, once our toddler goes to sleep.  Apart from growing a person (in other words, pregnancy), nursing is the deepest bond I’ll have with my child.  It’s a natural extension of what my body did to sustain her in utero.  For the next year (or more), my body will nourish hers in a way no one or no thing can.

Rockin Mama

There isn’t a lot needed to nurse a baby, but there are definitely things that make the process easier and more comfortable.  Nursing bras (and nursingwear) are a necessity.  But not just any nursing bra.  Mamas…you need a supportive nursing bra that fits appropriately and gives you the comfort you need.  I’ve been wearing Bravado Nursing Bras since I nursed my son, over 2 years ago.  Not only do they fit well, they’re comfortable, supportive, and stylish.

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