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Guest Post: How Long Should a Feeding Take?

March 5, 2010 by Caryn

As a mom, nurse, and lactation educator, I have a significant amount of breastfeeding experience and education.  And yet, with both of my children, I have had different experiences and different challenges, particularly in the early weeks.  For many women, breastfeeding comes naturally.  Some women, however, need a bit of support.  I sought out lactation assistance with both of my children, most recently with my daughter.  In both instances, it was a lactation consultant that helped me succeed and encouraged me not to give up.

As a Bravado Mama Ambassador, I have the privilege of bringing you informative articles from lactation experts.  Today’s articles is from Heather Kelly, a Lactation Consultant and specialist forBravado Designs. Heather is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant practicing in NYC since 2001.

Today’s article focuses on a question that should have a simple answer.  But from personal experience with my daughter, it’s one that isn’t always clear. My daughter was not nursing long enough a few weeks ago.  I thought she was simply eating very quickly.  It turns out that I was not giving her enough time to nurse and she was not gaining weight as she should.  After meeting with a lactation consultant, we developed a feeding plan that is working.

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