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What Size Nursing Bra to Buy?

August 13, 2009

Real Moms have breasts that come in all shapes and sizes.  It’s very difficult to know what size bra to wear normally let alone what size nursing bra to buy.  As it turns out, many women are buying the wrong size bras.  Do you have a bra that is riding up in the back or are your breasts overflowing out of the cups?

Here is a link to Lactation Connection that we found as a very handy guide to measuring for your correct bra size.  CLICK HERE

Many manufacturers don’t make bras in odd sizes and even when they do many stores may not carry the uncommon sizes as they are not big sellers.  So what is the answer if you find you are an odd size?  Buying bras online or from a store that is willing to order the correct size for you. If the bra you want does not come in your size- keep searching! You will find a similar one made by a manufacturer that makes your size.  Also, make sure that the store you order from has a good return policy because sometimes even if you get the right size, you may just not like the bra for your boobs. You want a bra that you are comfortable in, makes your breasts look good under your clothes and gives you good support.  You also want a bra that doesn’t scream, “Look at my nursing pads!” (Bras you plan to wear only at night-time are the only exception to this rule)

After nursing now three kids, I have been through a plethora of nursing bras.  And yes, most of them have been the wrong size until now.  One reason is I found they just don’t carry my size in most stores.  During my third tri-mester with this last pregnancy, I ordered several different flavors and sizes of nursing bras.  And yes, I returned over half of them because they just didn’t give me the support I wanted, made my boobs a uni-boob or odd shape or were just uncomfortable.  Finally, I found one I love!!!
Here is my favorite bra:  The Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra which I purchased from along with several others which were returned.  The reasons I like this Bravado Bra:
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