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Check Out Basics by Bravado Nursing Bra Line & Enter to Win $500 in New Mommy Must Haves…

by the Hutson Family

January 19, 2010

One of the things I loved most about nursing was the convenience of it all! The baby bonding time, the closeness and the feeling of absolute peace. I think part of the reason I felt this way was because I was comfortable. Comfortable in my experience, comfortable in the idea and comfortable in a bra that would support me & make nursing easy too.


Bravado has been designing nursing wear and bras for 18 years now and I would say that they make a product that you can trust! One that will be comfortable, supportive, durable and convenient for nursing! Their products continue to evolve as fashions change and mommy’s opinions are taken to heart. I love that about a company!

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