Not Your Typical Mommy

Can You Spot a Mom?

January 18, 2010

Sometimes I’ll be out and about, doing my thing and I’ll see a woman. She will, typically have two kids hanging off of her begging for snacks or juice or some sort of toy. She will also typically look like she’s about to fall to the ground, dead on her feet tired. I see this woman and immediately think: She’s a Mom.

(I know this because I tend to look like this and I only have one… for now).

Of course, there are Moms out in the world that look so fresh and awake that there’s no way they could have kids. But they do! And normally these hip, wide awake Moms have an army full of nannies, cooks and personal trainers.

Bravado Designs, a popular well loved nursing bra company has come out with a new line of nursing bras called Basics by Bravado. In honor of this, they are having a contest called, “Spot a Mom,” which is a sweepstakes where participating moms will be entered to win $500 worth of must-have items for their baby.

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