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Breastfeeding Moms: Bravado Nursing Bra “Spot A Mom” Contest

January 25, 2010

I began my journey of breastfeeding almost 21 years ago with my first son. That breastfeeding journey lasted only 4 weeks. 16 yrs later I began my 2nd journey breastfeeding my newborn son for 6 months. Then 2 years after that I started another journey of Breastfeeding which has last with my youngest son now 23 months. 

Nursing has become a wonderful bonding experience between my last child and I. Having the right nursing bra helps you manage your journey. I’ve been seeking the right nursing bra for months. I’ve tried many and still continue to look for comfortable, supportive nursing bra’s for daily use and nighttime breastfeeding.

On January 14, Bravado Design’s announced a brand new affordable nursing line available at Target Stores across the country. Bravado Designs is a 18 year old company that has a gold standard design for nursing wear.

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