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Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank Review

March 6, 2010

As a mother of four deciding how I was going to feed my children was one of the most easiest decisions for me. Currently I have been breastfeeding my last child for 23 months. It wasn’t until I tested out a Bravado Designs Nursing bra tank that I found a nursing bra tank that was truly “comfortable”.   

I hate trying to adjust a cup or maneuver a strap to get in a comfortable position to breastfeed. I had nursing bra’s that offered no support. Nursing bra’s that offered under-wire that just jabbed at me the whole time. I hated it. It came to the point were if I was walking around the house I’d just wear a tight tee so that I didn’t have to deal with it. That certainly are good for the breasts and I know that with breastfeeding you shouldn’t do that. The “girls” are already weighed down enough.

The Bravado Essential nursing bra tank is the perfect to wear around the house nursing bra. It’s not only fit comfortable but you would never even guess that it was a nursing bra by all the colors they offer it in. I chose the Dark plum (one of my favorite colors) because I didn’t have to wear it under a shirt but I can wear as shirt or a sleeping nursing bra as well and when I am done breastfeeding I can still continue to wear it because it’s that comfortable. Offers extra length so there is no riding up the back your belly sticking out.

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