tankforwebbig.jpgSexy Nursing Bra?!?!
July 3, 2007

Nursing attire has been called many things, but seldom sexy. OK, wearing this tank doesn’t make me feel quite as hot as squeezing into a slinky Missoni dress, but it sure beats the pants off the alternatives.

Though I’m not currently nursing (but I will be in about six months), I’m sold on this new nursing bra tank from Bravado and I’m sure it’ll be a post-baby wardrobe staple for me come winter.

Style wise–and let’s face it, I’m all about style–this tank’s a winner. It’s sleek enough to wear under a blazer or cardigan and not look frumpy and also fully finished so if you wear the tank alone, you won’t look like you are wandering around in your pajamas.Other tanks I’ve tried looked lumpy in comparison to this shapely style.

This is also a practical little number. The built-in bra provides ample support for milk-filled breasts and the cotton is whisper soft so sore nipples won’t get irritated. The straps are fully adjustable and the stretchy fabric will adapt to your changing postpartum shape.

It’s available in four colors and seven sizes–pick up a few to balance out your post-baby wardrobe.