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Bravado Hosts Breastfeeding Event

Posted by Nicole Feliciano on Tuesday, November 10, 2009
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The BBIC (Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council) event was fabulous today. I joined up with a group of journalists and breastfeeding activists today at the W Hotel in Union Square to learn more about breastfeeding facts and hear the stories of mothers trying to integrate breastfeeding into their lives.
Bravado Founder Shari Leader and Bravado President Kathryn Fromm (they are in the picture with me) hosted the lunch. Bravado has collected the stories of more than 80,000 women across America. I found the results fascinating. As Kathryn and Shari read quotes from moms and highlights statistics an illustrious panel of moms/breastfeeding experts chimed in with their advice. What I learned:

1.) Maternal support is key to success. Since my mom breastfed me, I had an easier time. She didn’t second-guess my decision. Mother’s who lack this support are called “first generation” and often need more assistance to make breastfeeding work for them.

2.) Men matter. 85% of moms said it is important for their husbands to be involved. Mr. Momtrends did support me–maybe that’s why I stuck with it.

3.) Moms want to get out. 70% of moms feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. This means restaurants and business are more likely to gain the mom vote by providing a clean quiet spot for moms to feed.

4.) Businesses don’t have to invest much to keep moms happy. All most working moms want is a “door, a sink, a plug and a refrigerator”–not an expensive undertaking for a company to keep a key employee happy.

Here is my video from the event with Bravado President (sorry it is so dark–the lighting was bad, but the message is good).


And thanks to twitter I’ve come up with this list of breastfeeding support sites (happy to add more if you leave a comment): (twitter @bbic)