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Baby Shower Gift Guide Day 5: For Momma


December 13, 2011

One thing that many of us tend to overlook when we are pregnant is ourselves-especially when there are other children running around. It is so crucial to make sure that we not only take care of our bodies, but take care of our minds as well. In addition to eating right, drinking lots of water and making sure to get in a little exercise, a large component in helping me feel good is wearing nice things. They don’t have to be expensive or frilly, they just need to be made well and fit right.

And, ok, it totally helps if they’re pretty. Even hospital gowns.

Bravado! Designs

You might not believe this, but I have never used a nursing bra until now. I tried one when I had my first baby, but I found it cumbersome and annoying so I tossed it to the back of my drawer, never to be seen again.

This third time around, I gave nursing bras and tanks another try with Bravado! Designs, and I couldn’t be more impressed. I’m sincerely grateful at the amount of ease and comfort these pieces have brought me.


“We test-wear our products on literally hundreds of pregnant and nursing moms every year to make our bras perfect, right down to the finest detail. We use real moms as models because we don’t think we need models to make breastfeeding beautiful. We’re a green company, and we donate products in our own community—not because it’s the trendy thing to do but because it’s the right thing. Because we not only want to be the brand on your bra but also the company you’re proud to wear and tell your friends about.”

Bravado! Design’s commitment to quality, motherhood and bolstering the self-esteem of women is clear and resounding-I am their newest, biggest fan.

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