Mom Find: Lighten Your Load with a Bumble Bag
Tuesday July 10, 2007

Bumble bag
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What: Bumble Bags Toddler Changing Kits

Why: When my son was first born, I rarely left the house without a seriously packed diaper bag. I was ready for any emergency, from a diaper blow-out (complete with an outfit change for baby) to a barfed-on shirt (outfit change for me). I don’t know if it’s that my confidence has increased or that I got tired of lugging a huge bag around, but I’ve now downsized my bag to just include a few wipes, a diaper and some snacks.

Bumble bag

That’s why I love the Toddler Changing Kits from Bumble Bags. These ingenious bags have multiple pockets (including a central mommy pocket to hold keys, lipstick, and money), but also unfold to create a large changing area that makes it easy to change baby anywhere (see photo). It’s also water and stain-resistant. Plus, the adjustable strap means that you can carry it like a purse or hang it from your stroller.

Price: $53.95 with free shipping both ways

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