Mom Confessionals

Surviving The Work Week, Giveaway

By  on July 5, 2013

It hasn’t been easy coming back to work 8 weeks after having baby. Everyone has been too kind telling me how great I look after having baby #3.  My standard line is “sleep deprivation, starvation will do all sorts of things.”  Yes things, including that sick to my stomach exhaustion, inability to focus, wit and smarts that are always a few behind.  Feeling like I am running on fumes, with mood swings that will make you dizzy — don’t ask about the missed night feedings, I may have an aneurism telling you the story. To do lists that keep getting longer and longer, three added for every one checked off.

And yet I am still smiling.  I feel so completely blessed.  I love being at work, cohorting with my fellow new moms on the unit.   I love getting home and having my children run into my arms with so much excitement at seeing me.  I rush to clean up so I can snuggle and give a million kisses to my baby.  When my two older kids have gone to bed, I rush to check off a few things off my to do list and then spend every last bit of energy I have to play with my baby.


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