A Bag with Star Quality?

September 24, 2010

MamaetbebeGrayBowsJasper’s mom crossed the room to invite you and precious for a playdate.

The film crew on your block stopped shooting to offer you a walk-on role.

Even the surly cashier at the grocery store fronted you a quarter rather than make you break a 20.

Huh??? Is the moon in the seventh house? Has Jupiter lined with Mars? Or could it be your new Pink Lining Diaper Bag?

Delighting British moms since 2001, the adorable Pink Lining Diaper Bags are now available in the US. Besides every pocket and amenity you could possibly want in a diaper bag, Pink Lining bags also feature prints and design details that are so charming and whimsical, you may just find yourself wondering, do they love me for me…or for my bag?

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