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My Mother’s Day Wish List

byBeth Feldman

Posted 04/26/10 11:22 pm EDT | Just For Fun

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After spending most of my weekends and nights at the ball field, I just found out that fortunately, this Mother’s Day, there aren’t any games scheduled, which means, I’m going to get the chance to indulge in some guilty pleasures.  So what are some of my favorite things to do when I’ve got the entire day to myself?  Well, here’s a snapshot:

A Weekend Getaway with my Mom – Last year, I got the chance to take my mom, daughter and mother-in-law for a special Mother’s Day experience in Los Angeles.  And this year, we’ll be checking into the Carlton Hotel in New York City, where they offer 13 things you can do with your tween.  What will we be doing during our day and night out on the town?  Well, we’re going to hit Ellen’s Stardust Diner for lunch (where we’ll be entertained by singing waiters and waitresses), attempt to score tickets to a Broadway Show and we’ll be getting a mani/pedi at Oasis Day Spa!  And I’m sure there will be shopping on the agenda too.  Can’t spend a day without my mom without the gravitational pull of Ann Taylor Loft pulling us into one of their many midtown locations.

An Invigorating Run/Walk Event in Central Park – On Mother’s Day morning, I’ll be joining my mom and daughter in the park as we help support the RBaby Foundation which raises funds and awareness for infants in need of emergency pediatric care.  If you’d like to support the cause, then join our Moms Rock team along with Emily McKann with The Motherhood.  Emily will be running, while yours truly will be walking and enjoying the morning hours in the park! Back in the day, I used to rollerblade every weekend while listening to my favorite music on my walkman (remember those?)  While I won’t be strapping on my blades, at least I’ll be visiting some of my favorite Upper West Side and Central Park haunts from Sheeps Meadow to Wollman Rink and everywhere in between!

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