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Top 8 Fashionable Diaper Bags

byAudrey McClelland

Posted 03/20/11 11:41 pm EDT | Beauty & Style

When I had William (way back in 2004), I had registered for a big, bulky diaper bag that was navy blue. It was anything but attractive, but it was practical. I knew it would fit all my necessary items. I thought I was doing it the “right” way. You see one on a shelf and you register for it. There weren’t many selections back then in 2004.  And then, when I got the bag… ugh. It was uncomfortable. It was as far away from stylish as you can get. It was ridiculously big for me (I mean, I could have fit William inside!). And I just (plain and simply) didn’t like it. I wanted something WAY MORE stylish and chic and happy!


Fast forward 7 years.


I have 3 more sons.  And I have had 3 more diapers bags (well, a lot more than that).


Diapers bags have come along way baby!


I’m often asked to recommend some high-quality, stylish, chic and trendy diaper bags for new moms. Diaper bags are such an essential for moms, especially new moms.  Now that there are so many fabulous options out there, a diaper bag has become a fashionable accessory. I definitely have my little “must have” list for diaper bags. 


My Top 5 Fashionable Diaper Bags:

2. Pink Lining’s Blooming Gorgeous Love Birds Laminate

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