Just Precious

I’m a Bravado Mama! Sweepstakes and Big Breastfeedng News

by Just Precious

January 20, 2010


With 2 and a half years of breastfeeding under my (ahem) bra, I have a bit of experience with bras. I’ve used cheap ones. I’ve used pricey ones. I love nursing tanks, when they work right with the outfit. And at other times, a crossover tank is perfect. Tonight I’m wearing a Bravado Sublime bra and I love that I finally found a sexy, comfortable bra that’s supportive and still accessible for breastfeeding.

In the past 6 years I have hated, hated, hated all of the bras I went through because of the cost. I didn’t want to spend lots of money on a bra that I wouldn’t be wearing forever and the inexpensive ones weren’t always so well made.

So, when breakfasting and breastfeeding with Michelle a few months ago, she asked if I had time to run with her to Target, she needed more nursing bras.

What?! I had, at that point, been breastfeeding for 27 months and never, never, ever knew that Target carried nursing bras. I’m not sure if this is new to the store or if they’ve been around for a while, but breastfeeding has gone so much more mainstream in the past several years that I shouldn’t be surprised that Target carries breastfeeding bras.

We headed over and found a pretty large selection that were really well priced. Up until that day, I had never before seen a nursing bra for under $17.

So, here’s the big, big, big news: Bravado Designs, known for their gorgeous, well-made, and a little pricey (their line usually runs $35 and up, which, for someone unsure of breastfeeding, may be a lot to swallow) introduced their new Basics by Bravado line at Target last week. Now even the most frugal of breastfeeders can wear a good brand bra because the Basics by Bravado line is more affordable and, just as important, more accessible. Bravado is bringing their awesome line to the mainstream.

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