Just Precious

All ‘Bout Breastfeeding, part 2

by Just Precious

January 27, 2010

My approach for breastfeeding Middle was very different. I had been there, done that. I was, short of formal lactation consultant training, a pro. While my first nursing experience was full of questions, concerns, blunders, frustrations and self-doubt, my second experience started without trouble.

And, oh boy! He was hungry. He ate, a lot. He gained weight without problems. Middle was a super milker. He latched on with ease and never wanted to do anything else.

Which is nice, except that there are certainly times when being able to feed him a bottle, or have my husband or babysitter feed him a bottle, would have been ideal. And while he did, resistantly, take a bottle, he far preferred the breast.

I breastfed middle for 12 months and one week when we mutually agreed that it was time to wean. I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s 4-day wedding a week after his first birthday and it was then, during all of the hoopla, that he realized the exciting things to drink besides booby-milk, and I realized the pain of sudden weaning, especially smushed into a strapless bridesmaid’s dress. [As an aside, I will be in another wedding, as Matron of Honor, this spring. This time I'll remind the seamstress to make room for adjusting the bra area.]

There was really only one bump in the breastfeeding road with Middle, and it could have been a mountain to overcome, had I not followed my gut. When he was about 3 weeks old, we noticed that Middle had developed a rash. The rash consisted of tiny pinprickish bumps all over his chest. It needs to be noted that our family pediatrician left the practice the week after Middle was born, leaving us to find and connect with another doctor in the practice. So when this rash developed, I called the nurse line, asking for the doctor who had been recommended to me.

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