In Jennie’s Kitchen


lentil burgers + crispy oven fries


The sun is shining. Since I’m convinced I run on solar energy, this is a good thing. We may be getting some wet weather tomorrow, but for today, I will soak up the sun. I’ll let it radiate and recharge me for this busy week ahead. Right now I’m doing some oatmeal raisin cookie recipe testing. I’ll keep you posted, but so far it’s smelling quite good in the house. And speaking of cookies, I’m off to a luncheon today for Glad to Give to help raise awareness about childhood cancer (the story behind this cause is very touching, so stay tuned for more news soon). Speaking of helping children, New York City food bloggers, you can join in the spirit of loving thy neighbor and join the national food bloggers bake sale on April 17th to benefit Share Our Strength.

The week is devoted to children’s causes, now that I think about it. On Friday, I’m helping support my friend Julia at a luncheon she’s organized for R Baby, a foundation focused on improving pediatric emergency care. Every child deserves a fighting chance from the beginning. Without them there would be no future. So, can you do me a big favor this week?  Take a few minutes to learn about each of these causes, and join me in lending a helping hand, whether it’s volunteering your time, baked goods or making a donation.

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