Five Star Reviews

Fashionable Comfort throughout Your Entire Pregnancy
Five Star Reviews
November 15, 2006

It’s amazing how often you encounter pregnant women who are stuck in that “in-between” stage of fashion: Their bellies are not yet big enough to warrant the “official” maternity clothes and they’re not small enough to fit comfortably underneath pants or jeans. So, what do they do? They undo the first button and stretch their shirt over it; or, they hide in uninspired sweat suits counting the days they can make the switch to maternity clothes and embrace frumpiness. However, that is until they find out there are stylish maternity fashions that grow as the bellies do, ultimately saving women from having to spend a lot of money, continually upgrade sizes, and wear the drabbest of drab traditional maternity garb.

Isabella Oliver designer maternity wear gives pregnant women wonderful fashion options—options for style, fit, function, longevity, and fun. Company creators (as well as mothers and friends), Vanessa Knox-Brien and Baukjen de Swaan Arons were frustrated by the lack of stylish maternity wear and created a business that indulges fashion-conscious women with apparel that is chic, sassy and elegant. What pregnant (and post-pregnant!) women will especially appreciate is that unlike traditional maternity clothes that are often limited to specific stages of pregnancy, the Isabella Oliver designs can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy.

Just trying on their clothes made me wistful about my own pregnancies years ago, when my only options were patterned button-down shirts, baggy jeans, and over-sized sweaters. One of my favorite pieces I own from the Isabella Oliver collection is the Wrap Around Top, which is such a clever fashion invention. The shirt features crossover detailing that lifts and accentuates just about everything, and offers three-quarter sleeves that make your arms look toned and skinny. You can wrap it under or over your belly, and wear it in different colors and styles. It’s like a universal multi-purpose shirt: Wear it to a business meeting, the mall, or a nice dinner. In fact, I wear it without even being pregnant. Some of my other favorites are the Kimono Top, The Wrap Dress, and the Halter Wrap Top.

You only have to look at their website to feel inspired—who knew you could look so hip, so stylish with a huge belly? They have everything in terms of what you can put on your body: from tops, knitwear, pants, skirts, and dresses, to outwear, lingerie and swimwear. Just as their clothes are so versatile, so are the ways to shop! Browse fashions by collection, occasion, trimester, body shape, budget, and/or size. You’ll immediately see that these clothes are what you would want (and deserve) to wear—whether you are pregnant or not. After all, who says a woman can’t be elegant and sexy expecting a baby? You can buy the Isabella Oliver designs via their website at (Be sure to check out their “maternity no no’s” section.)