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Diaper Bag Style That Fits
TOTAL 180 Magazine
December 5, 2005

Diaper Bag Style that Fits — Julia Beck, maternity maven, trend spotter and founder of Forty Weeks, the definitive lifestyle go-to for all things pregnancy and motherhood, shares with us her essential sure-fire strategies for keeping your hip and happening-self ALIVE AND Well while your mommy-self is emerging.

Here, Julia is taking us on a tour of diaper bags he quintessential must have for new mothers. Julia gives us a peek into some of her favorites sharing her unique, behind-the-velvet ropes knowledge of the world of the hip mama. Former black holes of shame, diaper bags are now the fastest fashion fix for the new Mother. The right diaper bag is you passport back to cool. The perfect combination of needs and wants all in a single bag that suits your unique style. YOur diaper bag (or bags — we say, the more the merrier) is a way to store all of your “on the go” needs while at the same time telling the world that you are still in the game. Julia shares with us here some of her diaper bag favorites:

I’m Still Me
Petunia Pickle Bottom
Skip* Hop
Diaper Dude

Still confused? With so many choidces, a litte help goes a long way. Picles and Ice Cream (214-pickles) can help you hone in on just the right bag for you.