Lingerie Breifs

Loungewear for Maternity and More

By Lindsey Borchard   June 30, 2013

Hello my name is Lindsey and I am addicted to lounge wear.

If you’re like me, when you get home from work you immediately change into some form of lounge wear for the night. If any of you know me personally then you know I am queen of lounge wear and have drawers full of pretty comfortable items for home. This was my favorite part of my research/shopping for maternity items. Especially in my eighth and now ninth month I have no shame in wearing some of these items out. I know what you’re thinking so please don’t judge me, I blame the incredibly large alien inside me for making me do it. I could probably write several posts on this topic alone and you might even see another one post baby but for know I’ll leave you with my top items and items I was lucky enough to sample and try on from other brands. Enjoy!


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