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Cross-Country Maternity Fashion
What’s Hot in Seven U.S. Cities

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October 2004

Julia Beck Bromberg, founder of Forty Weeks, takes us on a maternity road trip.
By Janeen Koban
9 Months: 617-236-5523;
The Trend: Layers & Knits
Fall and winter are cold in this town, so layers just make sense. Because Bostonians are preppy, and they appreciate comfort and style that works outdoors, knits are popular. Hot sellers: Cadeau¹s wool elbow patch sweater ($250) has a collegiate look. The Cadeau poncho ($175) helps expectant women weather temperature changes.

Birmingham, MI
Bella Belli: 248-203-2220;
The Trend: Brand-Name Casual
In the Midwest, fussy clothes are decidedly not ³in.² Women do appreciate color, however, and really embrace popular designers. Brand names carry a lot of cachet, especially with pregnant women who don¹t want to look like they gave up being fashionable. Hot sellers: Earl corduroy pant in cool colors like green ($150) and Michael Stars T-shirts in every shade ($54).

Brooklyn, NY
The Maternity Profile: 718-680-8399;
The Trend: Casual & Easy
Brooklynites are busy, walking everywhere they can¹t get to by subway. Simple but body-conscious clothes ­ this is New York!‹are in order. Hot sellers: Tummi¹s peasant T-shirt with a velvet ribbon ($74) and Olian low-rise jeans ($65) are both easy and flattering.

Santa Barbara, CA
Due: 805-966-4400;
The Trend: Form Fitting
When you live by the beach, you can dress casually and show skin. Hot sellers: Meet Me in Miami tube top ($56) and Bella Dahl jeans ($155).

Washington, D.C.
9 Maternity: 301-468-2022;
The Trend: A Twist on the Conservative
In the nation¹s capital, few people take fashion risks ­ but they¹re not all in suits either. Hot sellers: From Noppies, a button-down shirt ($79) looks more relaxed with a belted cardigan ($98) and plaid hipster pants ($95).

Pickles & Ice Cream: 214-361-1898;
The Trend: Color-Rich, Feminine Coordinates
Dallas women dress like ladies and look pulled together, even through pregnancy. Hot sellers: Duet jacket ($88) and matching skirt ($60).

Belly: 215-985-1169;
The Trend: A Focus on Legs
A smart strategy spotted in Philly: Invest in simple maternity tops and have more fun with the bottoms. Hot sellers: Cadeau red corduroy skirt ($135) and Japanese Weekend corduroy pants ($80).