Cool Mom Picks

Happy birthday, bras!

The good old over the shoulder boulder holder is turning a whopping 100 today, and to thank her (is it a she? he? it?) for her amazing support (ahem) throughout the years, we thought it would be fun to round up a few of our favorite nursing bras for you expectant and nursing mamas.

Now, it’s not just regular bras that have come a long way, baby. Nursing bras are definitely not what they used to be. In fact, with gorgeous bras like the ones from Cake lingerie bras (pictured) it’s hard to tell that they’re made for breastfeeding at all.

We also adore the sexy nursing bras from HOTmilk (right) which are are as functional as they are beautiful. In fact, they’ve got the kinds of styles you’d expect to see on the racks of your fancy neighborhood lingerie boutique.

If you want something that’s pretty but a wee less va-va-voom, don’t miss Bella Materna, whose simple, elegant nursing bras are great for busts of all sizes–but particularly those of us who need a little extra “umph” to lift us up where we belong.

And for something right down the middle, check out the Bravado! Designs Sublime Nursing Bra which is cotton on the inside, lace on the outside, and designed to show off your super curvy curves without apology.

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