Complicated Mama

#PregnantGirlProblems Solved- A Bra Can Be Life Changing

By  July 22, 2013


Since we’re all friends here, I thought I would take a moment today to talk boobs. Specifically, pregnancy and boobs.

A blossoming bussom has always been something I dreamed pregnancy would bless me with- you know since puberty and genetics didn’t work out so hot for me that area (just being honest). However, now well into my 3rd pregnancy I can safely say– pregnancy does not bless me with boobs either. Sigh.

What it did bless me with though? A wider thicker back. Mother Nature can have a cruel sense of humor.

While we were on vacation, James and I planned a fancy-ish date night. Being a girl who LOVES to get dressed up, I packed my favorite flowy white maxi dress. The one I had worn for Ry’s communion back in late April.


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