Complicated Mama

What to Pack for the Hospital When Having a C-section

October 25th, 2013

OMG, you guys!!!!! My C-section is officially one week from today! Next Friday, this time I will be holding our newest little person in my arms.

The whole thing seems so crazy. Where did my pregnancy go? I realized today that not only did the pregnancy seem to fly by because we have 2 children to keep up with this time around but also because of our move. While our household is as chaotic as any other  family’s, I still like to feel like I have some sort of  ”organization to the chaos” if that makes any sense.  But instead, we’ve been living out of boxes for 6 months not really knowing when we will be able to move into our permanent residence.

So I’ve spent 9 months, trying to remain sane with the “we have time” mentality, well at now 38 weeks we don’t have time, and I need to start washing baby clothes.

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