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Celeb moms lose the baby weight with Baby Jogger
Celebrity Baby Blog
June 16, 2006

Getting back into shape after a baby is top priority for celebrities, while the pressure to keep it off is grueling. But take it from stars like Gwen Stefani, who is getting her toned body back with the help of her Baby Jogger Performance Series stroller. The Performance Series stroller is for serious runners who want to lose the post-baby weight fast – it is the most advanced, high performance jogging stroller on the market and is great for intense maneuvering over rocky terrain, or even for light jogging along the beach.

Brooke Shields is another celebrity mom who has shed baby weight with the help of her Baby Jogger stroller, as she walks in style with her black City Series model double model. The City Series model is specifically designed for the style conscious urban parent, with swivel wheels and quick-fold technology that make maneuvering easy and effortless. Brooke easily sheds the baby weight as she shops, runs errands, or just leisurely strolls around town.

Other celebrity parents using the Baby Jogger include Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger (Q Series single- for hiking), Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin (City Series double), Shanna Moakler & Travis Barker (Q Series single- for jogging) and Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck (City Series single).

We received a City Series model from Baby Jogger and I absolutely love it. I’m not much of a runner but I am a notoriously fast walker. Our main stroller is a Bugaboo Frog but the Baby Jogger is actually a much smoother ride. It has an adjustable handle, folds easily (with one hand!) and the front wheel can be locked (for running) or left for walking. I was excited to learn (although it’s too late with this baby) that the Baby Jogger takes a car seat AND in late July, they are introducing a bassinet AND a foot muff. I would definitely prefer that to my Bugaboo which is a pain in the arse because if I use the car seat, I have to schlep the stroller seat also.

By August this year, City Series models will come in six colors (probably to compete with the Bugaboo): red, black, navy, lavender, seafoam green and arctic blue. The icing on the cake is that, all told, the stroller and the accessories will total around $600. I will now recommend this stroller over a Bugaboo.

Pictured: Baby Jogger Performance Series single stroller in red, Baby Jogger City Series double stroller in black, Baby Jogger City Series single stroller in pink (available in a limited edition of 600 in September 2006)