Bundle Magazine

Bundle Magazine

Spring 2006

Fit For Two

Exercise might be the last thing on your to-do list during pregnancy, but it can help lessen backache and fatigue. It will also ease your labor.

After your baby arrives, try to fit in some at-home workouts. Remember, the baby’s nap time can be your time. Among the many benefits of post-pregnancy exercise is faster return to your skinny jeans!

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine — Lisa Armstrong

Easy does it with the Prenatal Yoga Complete DVD. This one offers more than 24 customized yoga routines for pregnant women. $15.99, amazon.com

Reclaim your core with the Post-Pregnancy Pilates: An Essential Guide for a Fit Body after Baby by Karrie Adamany. $18.95, amazon.com

THE hot list
An up-to-the moment rundown of cool stuff for you and your baby

Sling It

The Oopa baby sling comes in silk, pique or chambray and uses aluminum rings to withstand weights far greater that you baby’s. $100 for silk, $85-$140 for pique and $85-$130 for chambray; 786.390.9579; oopababy.com

Mama’s Got a Brand New (Diaper) Bag!

Boxy Backpack $155;