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7 style savers for new moms

posted: 01/17/2011, 8:33 am


Are you falling into the new mom sweat pant rut? Have no fear! Here are a few fun finds (and some splurges that are totally worth it if you can swing it) from Nicole Feliciano, editor of Momtrends. You’ll be back in the game in no time.

The arrival of a new baby doesn’t mean you lose your sense of style. At Momtrends, we love to hunt down trends and fashions for moms that make you look and feel fabulous – even if you don’t have time to shower.

So, before you make sweats your new uniform, check out these 7 style-saving pieces we’ve found just for you:

2. Bravado Tank Top: A breastfeeding mom’s best friend. These chic tanks are comfortable, look great and give you instant access to the “milk buffet.” Pick from a variety of colors. And the best part? They come up to size 40F/G ($49).

bravado tank 195x300 7 style savers for new moms

6. Sophisticated bag: Forget about the monkey diaper bag you got at the shower, opt for a bag that shows off your fashion-savvy side. Pink Lining bags are one of the hottest bags around. The chic Yummy Mummy bag ($125) will have the other moms drooling.

pink lining bag 300x239 7 style savers for new moms

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