7 Days of Baby Carriers: Oopa Baby Silk Sling
Posted Feb 04 2008, 10:05 AM

Whether you’re a believer in the bonding powers of babywearing or just looking for an easy way to get around town without the bulk of a stroller, there are a number of different baby carriers and slings on the market. One of which, will certainly be the perfect fit for you and your tot. From the traditional to the latest and strangest, Babble has road-tested these tiny transportation devices and are reporting the results here, in 7 Days of Carriers. Be sure and read Droolicious every day, as we will have a fantastic carrier giveaway this week!

Oopa Baby Silk Sling -  $119 to $298

By far the most luxurious baby sling in the bunch, Oopa Baby slings are like wearing a high-end fashion accessory, in fact one of our testers received compliments on her style with every outing, quite the post-pregnancy boost. The intricately designed silk sling also had people exclaiming that her daughter looked like a “little Princess”. Our mom credited the wide swath of material across her back with making the sling comfortable during hours of walking around the Farmers Market, although the nature of the sling in the hip carry position made it difficult for her to be as active as she liked while picking up her produce. The little Princess was happily riding along as well, (Oopa recommends you position your baby close to you for ultimate comfort, for both of you) until she nodded off, at which time mom had to hold her little baby head up because of the lack of neck/head support in that particular position.
Even with a ton of material, the Oopa is another sling that may look complicated at first but was simple to get on and off. In addition to our tested hip carry position, the Oopa also allows you to cradle carry (best for nursing) and front-carry your baby in the kangaroo position. Oopa offers a variety of materials, but claim the silk version is the most light-weight and a customer favorite. You should also consider while shopping for the ultimate sling that the Oopa is dry-clean or hand-wash only. If beauty is worth the extra effort, the Oopa is for you. But if you can’t see shelling out that kind of money for something that will inevitably be spat-up upon, look for the more affordable, washable options. – April Peveteaux
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