5 Travel Apps That Will Save Your Thanksgiving Trip

Posted by ElinaMamaista on November 9th, 2010 at 12:22 pm

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, millions of families are planning to hit the road, skies or the train tracks in search of far away turkey and stuffing with their dearest but not always nearest. And that means millions of babies and kids will be going on the road as well, which can result in a whole slew of complicated logistics for moms, including where to take kids for a quick potty break, where to nurse or how to keep track of all the vital travel info.

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1. Bravado Breastfeeding Locator: Nursing moms on the go have so many challenges, where to nurse, what to cover up with — the list is endless. Leave it to the originators of the best nursing bras known to womankind at Bravado to come up with a genius breastfeeding app that will help you locate nursing friendly areas where you’re not likely to get the evil eye.

4. Nappy Station Location: While it’s still in development, this genius app from Pink Lining Bags needs your help to be the most popular travel app helping moms locate the best places to change baby. And our fellow blogger Nadia wrote about the best part: By simply logging in your favorite place to change baby, you could win the best holiday gift ever – an iPad!

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