Us Weekly 10-23-06

A Find: Oopa Babysling
Wed Jun 28, 2006

Now that summer is here, it’s time to venture outdoors with our little ones. And the Oopa Baby Slings literally allow moms to wear their baby with style. Designed to meld traditional baby-carrying methods (hip, cradle and kangaroo carry), with the right amount of panache, each Oopa is made entirely by hand, so no two are ever alike. Slings come in a wide variety of colors and are lightweight and super-comfy, so moms can not only do what’s best for their baby…but do it with style. Check out The Macarena in Fuchsia. This perfect pink sling is flattering to just about everyone. Edged in chocolate brown, it has a matching silk zippered pocket and silver rings that truly elevates baby gear to a couture fashion accessory. Who says moms have to sacrifice style? Find at