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Subway vs. SUV

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Hour Life section
May 2005

Julia Beck Bromberg has two kids, three companies, 14-hour days and a life that spans dual cities ­ Potomac, MD (three days), and New York City (two days). How does she keep her wits? “I surround myself with good, bright, reliable people; I have a good memory and a good system of managing my contacts,” says Bromberg, whose companies include Forty Weeks, a maternity-lifestyle business; Beck & Co., a consulting company; and Watermelon Martini, a brand development firm.

West Coast clients, for instance, know that when she is in Potomac with 6-year-old Lila and 2-year-old Sam, she doesn’t answer the phone in the evenings between 6:20 and 8:00. That time is devoted to dinner, baths and stories. Nor does she take calls at 2:30 in Potomac. “The bus comes at 3:00,” she says. “You have to have boundaries.”

But whether she is charging hard in Manhattan or balancing work and life in Maryland, Bromberg treasures her mornings. “I love that morning energy when the day is new ­ the optimism of ‘things are going to happen today.’”