Selfish Mom


MAY 8, 2012

So I’m sitting in my bathroom writing this post. No, I’m not doing that, I’m waiting for my hair dye to penetrate my gray hairs and dark roots. What would make me dye my hair on a Tuesday when I have so many other things I should be doing? The RBaby Foundation.

I first heard about this organization when Julia Beck (in that picture with me over there), founder of Forty Weeks, invited me to hear Phyllis Rabinowitz speak a few years ago. Phyllis and her husband Andrew lost their newborn because the ER they took her to wasn’t prepared to deal with an infant. They were sent home when their baby needed treatment.

They took their incredible grief and turned it into an organization that trains ERs to deal with babies, and provides the right equipment. They took the biggest tragedy of their lives and turned it around and helped others. There really are no words for people like that.

And Julia Beck has been one of their biggest supporters. She brought me into the RBaby fold, getting me to run my first race, a Mother’s Day four miler in Central Park that raised money for RBaby. (Heck, she even got me to craft for another charity – what won’t I do for this woman?) When I heard that Julia was being honored with the first ever Champion Award, and that I was being invited to a huge charity gala at the Plaza to celebrate Julia and the fifth anniversary of The RBaby Foundation, I was just thrilled.

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