Entrepreneur magazine

Getting A-list clients
Entrepreneur magazine – March 2004
By Gwen Moran

Star Search

Julia Beck Bromberg can tick off the names of pregnant celebs on demand. Her company, Forty Weeks LLC (www.fortyweeks.com), in Potomac, Maryland, specializes in products for pregnant women and new mothers; so Bromberg, 36, routinely sends personalized notes and samples to famous moms-to-be. Her aromatherapy oils, lotions and other pampering items have earned the praise of celebrities like actors Kelly Preston and Calista Flockhart, and CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien. Even a small famous following can be leveraged into major publicity, says Bromberg.
According to Rachel Weingarten, president of GTK Marketing Group, a New York City PR and marketing firm that handles celebrities and TV shows, creating an A-list of clients requires you to:

  • Work your connections. Know someone who knows someone? Ask your contact to pass a sample or information along with a personal note.
  • Check out goody bags. If you’ve got great goods, contact the organizers of awards shows and celebrity events to find out who’s handling the events’ goody bags, and offer to donate your products.
  • Schmooze the staff. You’re more likely to get your goods in front of a celebrity through a publicist or a manager, so be nice-and send samples-to those who surround the star.