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Steal That Look, Forty Weeks Style: Minnie Driver’s layering in luxury

Forty Weeks Julia Beck by Julia Beck, of Forty Weeks

Minnie_driver_219224cbbjpg Welcome Minnie Driver to the Bump Class of ‘08! Minnie is just about at the top of my adorable list right now! Her look is easy, down to earth and comfortable with an obvious nod to quality and luxury. Here she is out walking her dog in LA, in a soft gray cashmere wrap cardigan. Layering in luxury is an ideal strategy for the rainy, cool days of April as well as summer evenings and even into fall. So, with spring well on the way and with April showers in the forecast (soon to be May flowers), let’s steal Minnie Driver’s layering in luxury look.

Here’s What to Keep in Mind When Stealing Minnie Driver’s Layering in Luxury Look Forty Weeks Style:

*Stick to solids. A wrap or cardigan is always best as a solid, true hue (I am a huge fan of ivory, grey and chocolate for this look). A heathered knit is an option, but too much pattern takes away from the pure luxury of the look.
*Infuse texture. Use exotic knits, crochet or other specialty treatments, nubby yarns and other woven/knit elements.
*Shop wisely. This is one item will take you well through spring into summer nights and even into fall. Be willing to spend a bit here — it is a piece that will serve you well, if chosen carefully!
*Watch your weight. A cardigan that’s too heavy is limiting and creates a bulky, unflattering look. A too thin cardigan will cost you a smooth line (and warmth, as well).
*Embellish with layers. Layering pieces will help make the look — consider monochromatic tones with jeweled or woven embellishments on an under-tank or tee for a polished, go-anywhere look. Bold, contrasting choices in layering give a distinctive day-time feel.
*Choose cut wisely. Look for a cut that flatters and feels “in place”. Take a rear-view look and make sure you are wearing the cardigan at an appropriate length.
*Keep it in rotation. You hear me say this a great deal — wear this cardigan often and enjoy knowing that you look fantastic and you got the most out of your investment!
*Accessorize it up. Add to the look with a great tote, necklace or, for the rainy days of April, a funky umbrella and boots!

Steal That Look Forty Weeks Style –- Layering in Luxury

Bellybasicscrochetcardigan Belly Basics Crochet Sweater Coat With Self Tie (right, $118) is a piece that will take you from day to night with real style! Be advised, this sweater is made of an angora blend, so consider it for the cooler days of spring and fall.

Gapbeltedcardigan The Gap Belted Cardigan Sweater (left, $65) features a soft, ribbed cotton knit with fantastic button detailing. The three quarter length sleeves give it a distinctive spring-forward look. And, the price is right for this easy, casual piece.

Due Maternity
DuematernitylongcardiganLong Tie-Front Cardigan (right, $58) is too cute! What a perfect complement for jeans (try it also in black, white and mouse), capris or Bermuda shorts.  The empire bust line tie creates an ideal silhouette and gives the sweater a bit of swing. Consider this as an essential for your fourth-trimester, as well! (Save 15% with coupon code “CBB”)

Incazinaplacketsweater Inca Zina Placket Sweater from Pickles and Ice Cream ($119) is super sophisticated in cream (also available in petal pink and black). The Peruvian cotton knit wraps above the belly, but can also be worn open for a less structured look. The shorter line of this sweater makes it very easy to wear through your entire pregnancy. This one is a winner, for sure! (Save 15% with coupon code “CBB”)

IsabellaoliverwrapcardiA heavier option is the Shawl Wrap Cardi by Isabella Oliver ($195). The ribbed shawl collar and the rich charcoal color have made this a favorite among IO fans. Designed to work well at any stage of pregnancy (and well beyond). This one is well suited for taller girls.

Babystylestripedcardigan_2 A light-weight option with lots of personality is the Sheer Stripe Cardigan at Babystyle (left, $68). The tonal stripes read as a near solid and really do a great job of finishing off almost any casual look. The empire drawstring tie gives you lots of growing room. I like the white layered with similar toned tanks or tees.

Imaternitytiecardigan The Tie Waist Cable Cardigan at iMaternity (right, $35) features an elbow length sleeve, all-over cable and a very precious pink color — perfect for spring and summer. Avoid the collar top blouse (as seen here) and go for a scoop tee instead.

And, don’t forget the accessories!

Tracyreeseplentytote Plenty by Tracy Reese ‘Janice’ Tote (left, $225), oh how I love Tracy Reese and this is why — color, texture and world influences all in a truly functional tote (it is coated!!!).  Sure, it is a splurge – but what better way to carry your essentials now and later?!?!

Bleeckerdenimcanvastote The Coach Bleecker Denim Canvas Floral Large Tote (right, $528) is proof that April showers do indeed bring May flowers. This is a fun play on tradition and trend by Coach, and a perfect way to bring in the flower power early! How about an early Mother’s Day gift?

Pareumbrella Nowadays Umbrella by Pare Umbrella (left, $68) features a creative combination of polka dots, solid colors and floral graphics, making this a fun and very happy umbrella.

ChookarainbootThe Blossom Umbrella by Tray 6 ($65) is a colorful and festive way to keep the rain away!

Chooka Rain Boots ($60) will keep you dry and smiling. I am partial to the crazy daises – a sure sign of spring!