Trick or Treat

Lila strikes a pose in her halloween costume as Rosie the Riveter – adorable!

If you know much about Forty Weeks you must know we do things a little differently. And we like it that way! Our team is made up of the most driven, intelligent and clever moms in the market. coque iphone pas cher We are hell-bent on finding women who have left an idelible mark in the industry, had a baby or two and are in search of the next thing. coque iphone pas cher We like to be that next stop in a long career – it suits us and it suits them. We gain, we give and we all grow. Some stay for long periods of time (as in Gina who down-sized out of big agency life to run the media department at Forty Weeks for more than seven years) and others stay for a project or two (Alice, Teena, Nicole to name a few). We are better for all of these women and their contribution to our work. We hire moms by design. We are well known and proud of our open-door policy to all of our friends across pregnancy and baby-land — we are that most essential pivot, plan B and what comes next for outstanding talent. coque iphone 8 And good!

One outcome of is that we are surrounded by grateful, inspired team members who feel great about their balancing act (on balance!). Another outcome would be weeks like this…Natural disaster (loose two days), Halloween (loose one day for parades) family strep throat (ok that was last week – but loose two days). coque iphone soldes Days where sitting around the conference table ideating or prepping for a strategy session feels like some warped version of fantasy. Days in which memos read like urgent streams of consciousness (as they were written from a doctors waiting room or during a quick bathroom break at the halloween parade). coque iphone pas cher Those days (or weeks) are the trick. Simply put they are tricky but they leave the entire team feeling like we have found that illusive balance (even in the most micro sense) of personal and professional.