Tis the Season….

Very busy days here…the Forty Weeks elves are hard at work getting our goodies out to our beloved clients. There is really no perfect way to say thank you for a year of exciting work and great camaraderie – but we did our best!

And, despite the obvious “HOLIDAYS” designation on the calendar, we have been ridiculously busy! Mostly with expanded strategy proposals, new business documents and such. A few of our clients have really stepped up to the plate, asking to enter some brave new territory with us in 2007. Of course this is just the kind of thing that we adore…so – what to expect:

More philanthropic milestones and commitments from our clients
More celebrity and influencer outreach
More “face time” from our clients with “Momfluencers” in top cities
More integrated programs – stretching client dollars and expanding their reach
More content (multi-media)
More partnerships
Expanded media coverage for Lending Closet clients

And that is just on the consulting side…stay tuned for more on Forty Weeks content and our plans for 2007….