The Suite Part

I’ve just returned from a pitch-perfect visit to France. My days were the stuff that dreams are made of – just wonderful. I was there with Bob with no real agenda less the pursuit of exploring the world and being together. We spent our time together  (and with friends) well  - enjoying the pace and panache of Paris, the earthy sun-kissed bounty of Burgundy and the easy pace and sheer luxury of Provence. I came back full and sated on so many levels…

I have never been in the Country for BlogHer — it has just never worked out. This year, the planets aligned. Not only did I make it back in time for a quick “drive by” I made it back in time to celebrate and support my friends and their amazing endeavors. I was so over-the-moon to see Audrey and Vera’s Getting Gorgeous come to life  (having been there on paper since the start, it was a real thrill) and see the careful perfection of Nicole’s Land’s End BACK TO SCHOOL event – watching the grace with which she hosted no-less than four events — a major coup and shining moment (did I mention all three women looked stunning as can be?).

I had just enough time to do a little entertaining Julia style. This included a small dinner at Casa Nona followed by the newly named  (by us!), Cheese Suite at the W Hotel, Union Square. There we simply hung – sipped champagne, nibbled on macaroons, cupcakes  and  a glorious selection of cheeses (thank you Bedford Cheese Shop – you are my hero) and basked in the glow of friendship, mentorship, laughter and good fortune. It felt all kinds of wonderful.

All kinds of fun with Jessica, Erin, Ciaran, Stephanie and Nadia (look for Baby R!) at the newly named, CHEESE SUITE

And that was the Suite Part – all WOW (thank you too to the W, Union Square’s Maria, Gerald and Mickey for making this last minute gathering a reality) and all worthwhile!

And now Monday has hit hard, I am a bit road worn and certainly sleepy – but happy for the memories!