The Lesson of the Gucci Rain Boots

I have this thing with what things should cost. I am perfectly ok spending money on things (and so many people are not) if there is value in the purchase. I have a system – it is all about amortization.  Simply put, a pair of so-called “expensive” jeans that I wear three times a week –  are not expensive, to me. They are a great value, a trusted part of my wardrobe and indispensible. And by the same thinking – an “expensive” pair of striking but not wearable (or more than short stints of time) or city walk-able  or durable (hello, champagne silk) shoes that I wore once went from plain old expensive to crazy expensive because I never got enough value out of them.

My grandmother’s expression “that (insert noun here) does not owe you anything anymore” as in – those rain boots of yours don’t owe you a thing – is my personal version of a gold star—it is what I strive for.

Gucci Rain Boots - they owe me nothing!

Gucci Rain Boots - they owe me nothing!

Months and months ago (I am going to call it October) I was up in town for meetings with my webcast guru Brain Boyd. We were location scouting in the rain. I was wearing open toe, patent leather wedges – and I looked adorable. The problem was it was raining cats and dogs (I don’t really know what this means, mind you) – and as we trekked the city (literally we went downtown, midtown, Eastside, Westside) my feet were saturated and squishing as we jumped off and on of busses, dashed into venues and did our best to keep things sunny – at least between the two of us.  I was not comfortable.

 Upon bidding Brian adieu and before meeting up with the Maxmans for a BBQ pilgrimage to Harlem to Dinosaur (Bob and Bex met us there) I jumped off the subway at Union Square and made a dash into DSW. My goal – inexpensive rain boots.  I wanted dry feet and I wanted them on the cheap. So eager to grab boots and get dry I pushed my way into the crowd of women thinking just the same thing in the rain boot isle. There they were – $39 rain boots  in a rainbow of colors and patterns– perfect!! Only, no – there were no $39 rain boots in my size (I am  a six for those who would like to send me some shoe love in the future). In fact there were NO rain boots in my size. I hunted about; checked floor samples; asked the women on the floor and found NOTHING – no rain boots. Feeling deflated and wetter than ever I headed back down the aisle and toward the door, and there they were…(cue heavenly music)  one pair of Gucci rain boots in size 6 (kill the heavenly music please) – no no no not Gucci rain boots. These were not $39 they were $100 and what’s more they are Gucci RUBBER rain boots and I don’t see why I would need Gucci rubber anything. Except for this – I am wet and cranky and rain is forecasted for the whole weekend. UUUUGH, I give in and I buy them (and a package of warm socks for good measure) – the entire time explaining my “issues” to the cashier. In the end, my peek-toe wedges are in the big boot box and the Gucci rain boots are on my feet.

Of course, the first thing I do is tell Sherri and then Bob and then my mother and then Alice and then anyone else who will listen how Gucci rain boots are silly, making me silly and worse – wasteful.  I will admit, I did (and do) get a lot of complements but that is not my criteria for successful purchasing. The bottom line was that I had spent too much money on rubber rain boots.

Except there is this – I have been warm and dry in my Gucci rain boots more days since October than I can count. And today as the rain was blowing sideways  in New York and I was feeling my hair frizz and curl under my Phillies baseball hat my feet were perfectly dry. And you know what – months later – rain, and sleet and ice and snow (oh so much snow) have made one thing clear: These boots owe me nothing!

By the way – going out with Sherri and Joel Maxman this evening – and I’ll bet you anything Sherri comments on my wonderful rain boots – and this time I will graciously and simply say “thank you, they owe me nothing”!