Sign of the Times

Yesterday’s New York Times included a feature on the new website for parents, launching on Tuesday – called The piece written by cultural commentator extraordinaire, Pamela Paul – attempts to walk us through our evolution to Babble and what we should expect both in terms of content as well as from the publishing side.

Pamela interviewed me at length for this piece. And we had a fantastic and provocative time discussing both the state of parenthood and publishing (for those who don’t have my personal history committed to memory, I have logged many hours in the world of publishing and niche publishing in specific – this remains one of my favorite topics – so tie this in with Forty Weeks and we could close the joint!!!)

My quote:

“This is a new generation of parents who are interested in taking their existing lifestyle, sense of self and priorities into parenting, as opposed to checking them at the parenthood door,” said Julia Beck, founder of 40 Weeks, a consultancy serving the expectant- and new-parent market. “They’re looking for ways to infuse their personality and aesthetic into this new phase of life, and all this new lifestyle parenting media reflects that.”

I received a great deal of feedback from the piece. Most of what was shared was positive (I am the messenger and people do occasionally attempt to, despite the well worn cliché, attempt to kill the messenger) and most are very eager for Babble to hit tomorrow. Add me to that list….